Friday, September 15, 2006

Garage Sale

So, yesterday I helped Mom get ready for a garage sale. She's wanted to have one for quite a while, but never had the time to get it going. So, now that we have everything set up, hardly anyone came yesterday. To top it all off, someone stole the sign that we had up on our friend Rebecca's yard! Hopefully we get it back. It was acutally a real estate type sign that Warren had for his own business when he was in high school.

Anyway, it's time to go get ready for the day. Apparently I'm the only one without a job that can sit at Mom's garage sale today.


Mom said...

Well, thanks for your help Stacey (and Rowan). It was a bit of a waste of time wasn't it!
Hmmm, anyone need a bed frame? How about a free table or some boys Bauer skates (size 4)in excellent condition!?

Warren and Liane Thiessen said...

Hasn't nearly every garage sale been a waste of time? Not to be negative or anything ;)

Sheila said...

Hey, I'd gladly buy the skates from you. they'd probably fit Levi this year. Give me a call!

amy said...

Hi Stacey! So great to read your posts and see your pictures. I'm hoping that you are better at this than I am. Looking forward to more posts, and your visit this weekend.