Monday, October 23, 2006

my sunday afternoon adventure

Yesterday I decided to go to the Franklin Graham Festival for the last event. Casting Crowns was there, and I've really wanted to see them live for a long time. So I managed to hitch a ride with Willie & Ellie, and we travelled with a group of the Nikels. The ride there was all great, until we saw how long the lines were by the MTS centre.

It was incredible, but we thought we'd try to get in anyway. Turns out it was already full, and all of the people waiting outside could not get in. Then we heard that they had a screen set up at Calvary Temple, just two blocks away. After a few minutes of wondering what we should do, and being very dissapointed, we decided to try and get to Calvary Temple.

Thankfully, a shuttle bus driver came in and told us we could catch a ride. Good thing we went when we did. We were the last group that was allowed into the church, cause it was full there too! I can't complain about the view too much. We had a huge screen, and could probably see as good or better than the people at the MTS centre. Still, it was slightly dissapointing.

We decided to walk back to the parkade after the show, which was nice, a little fresh air feels good. Well, when we got there, we realized that it was going to take a very long time for us to get out! In the end, it took almost an hour I think (not totally sure what time we got to the parkade). Anyway, it felt good to finally get out of the stinky parkade and be able to drive home! Apparently my boys had a wonderful day together, so that made me really happy.


Jobina said...

Good for you Stacey! It feels great as a stay-at-home mom to get out and do something totally different for a while, doesn't it? I've been listening to CHVN where they've been reminding people to pray for those who started their spiritual journey's this weekend. I think it's awesome that God not only led enough people there to fill up the MTS centre but Calvary Temple too! That's incredible!

amy said...

Hi Stacey,
We were all packed ready to go to the Festival too. Then at church, we heard how insane it was and how early we would have to get there and with Camry it just didn't seem like a reality. So we did still have lunch with the Webers and then spent the day at their house. It was a little more relaxing than I'm sure the city would have been.