Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I can sew?

Last week I went to my sister-in-law Liane's house for the morning. I brought along a project that I wanted to sew. Now, don't get me wrong, I NEVER sew anything, because I get so frustrated, and can't sew straight. But, this time I thought Liane could help me if I needed it. And she did! I went way better than I thought, and now Rowan has a comfy cosy sleep sack. He's so squirmy in his crib that blankets are always under him or beside him in the morning, and he gets cold. I thought of buying one of those grobag sleep sacks, but they're sooo expensive. So I made this one and it only cost about $10!

To those of you who asked me for the recipe for that delicious cake, I'm hoping to post it this afternoon while Rowan has his nap.


Aunt Sheila said...

I could of used one of those when Zach was a baby. He was such a sqirmmy wormmy!

Anonymous said...

WOW - that cheesecake recipe sounds killer! Thanks for sharing it. And great job on the sleepsack! It looks excellent! Can I put in an order for one?