Monday, November 13, 2006


23... the new number I now have to remember when I need to tell my age! Yikes, it sounds so old. I'm not sure if I'm so excited about this aging thing. I am, however, excited about today. Keith and I are planning to go to Boston Pizza for supper, and then he's going to take me to the spa/mineral pool tonight to relax in the pool and the hot tub. What a nice guy! Now I just have to find a babysitter...


Ellen said...

Happy birthday Stacey!! Welcome to good ole 23 :) that's really nice of keith to arrange all that for you, but he left the hardest part for you... finding a babysitter :) well enjoy your day anyway :)
PS. i guess i will not be coming to alumni unless something happens, cuz my ride decided not to go... oh well maybe next year..

Mom said...

No worries about the babysitter :) we're happy to take Rowan.
Happy Birthday Stacey, and have a wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

Wuenschen dir Alles gute zum Geburtstag!!!!
Your plans sound very good...

HeinrichIrene said...

Happy Birthday Stacey!
You think you are old with 23? What should I say then with 28? You are not getting old, just mature :-)
I am little jealous about your plans tonight. But good for you! Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the time with just you and Keith!

Anonymous said...

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Stacey, happy birthday to you!!" How about that, you post that you need a babysitter and you got one! Have a fantastic evening with that fantastic husband of yours!

Andrea said...

Hey Stacey! Happy Birthday! Now I feel silly...I was talking to you on the phone and everything and I didn't remember it was your birthday! Well, anyways have a super night and happy birthday again!

aunt Monika said...

Happy belated birthday Stacey. i did think of you during the day as I drove from Grand Forks (Christina Lake area) to home, through sunshine, rain, and snow. Good for you, Keith, for planning a special evening with Stacey. Enjoy being 23 - you're not even half way through your twenties.

Drea said...

Num. 23! woo I hit that in August :-)
Hey just wanted to let you know I replied to your comment on my blog. I thought I'd post it here just incase you dont read over past comments.
I know I sometimes dont.

Thanks, see ya!


~ Stacey,

Hi. :-) Thanks for the warning. I did read the back and I do realize it says "4 and up" but if you read closer it says for those under age 4 consult a Dr.
Calebs fine taking it.
A lot of meds will say for children ages 6 and up and for you to consult a Dr. if they are under this. Thats because dosages can be to strong for children depending on their weight, etc...

I saw a 3 yr. old today at the mall... Im not even exagerating.. the little boy looked like he was 1 and 1\2... he was SOOO small. He was half the size of Caleb. He acted older than Caleb. But his size was so different (and no he wasnt a dwarf or midget haha.. he was just REALLY SMALL).
So Im sure his mom has to be extra careful what she gives him.

But thank you SO much for the warning. Had I not known this a head of time that would of really scared me.