Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas #2

So, of course, in typical Stacey fashion, I forgot my camera, so if you're not interested in reading, you can stop now!! Haha! Anyway, gathereing number two. It was one huge party!! Just kidding, but it was huge, with 51 people being in one house for an entire day!

We got together with the Brandt family on Saturday, December 23. We went to Mark and Sandi's place in Winnipeg, where we all fit quite nicely!! They have a pool, and a lot of space in their house for guests, so we were quite comfortable. It was great to have almost everyone there. The only people missing were Aunt Irene, and Uncle Vic & Aunt Elaine. Other than that, everyone made an appearance during the day!

We got to meet Keith's newest cousin, Samuel, who is a cutie!! He's about the age that Rowan was last Christmas, so it was cool to try to remember what it was like!

Thanks to Auntie Julia for all the amazing work she did getting everything together! Keith, Rowan, and I had a great time!

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