Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas #4, #5, & #6 and other things...

First of all, I got a new haircut the other day, as well as some highlights, which I'm very happy with!  Here's a pic
of the new look:

Okay, here's the rundown on Christmas #4:
This was the Wolfe Christmas.  Grandma  sort of had an 'open house' feel for Christmas
this year.  We went on the 25th for an excellent time of visiting with Uncle Henry, Grandma,
Grandpa, Uncle John, and Eleishia.  It was very relaxing, and we even got to talk to Auntie
Lori on the phone for a few minutes.
Thanks Grandma!

Christmas #5
This gathering was in Steinbach, which was a new thing for us, since Keith's grandparents
just moved there a few months ago.  We enjoyed a huge spread for lunch!  Meatballs,
cabbage rolls, chicken wings, chicken fingers, ham,  potatoes, veggies, coleslaw, and on
and on!  It was really yummy.  Grandma always makes good food!  We enjoyed a relaxing 
afternoon of visiting and playing Phase 10.  Unfortunately we had to leave early because 
Christmas #6 was waiting for us back at home!
Thanks for everything Grandma & Grandpa!

Christmas #6
Yes, it was really insane of us to fit in two gatherings in one day!  Especially since we had to 
drive 1 1/2 hours for the first one, and then home again!  We arrived at my parents house for
the extended Thiessen gathering around 6 pm, just in time for supper!  After a great potluck,
we visited with everyone, and things got interesting trying to decide who would host the next
gathering, for Easter.  See, since Grandma died, all my dad's siblings that live in Manitoba take
turns hosting different gatherings.  It was just getting a little bit confusing, and frustrating, so it
was decided that Heather (my little sister) would make a list, and if everyone was happy with
it, that's the plan for the next 3 years!  

We did have some excellent dessert, thanks to Anutie Kathy and Auntie Anna!  I think I ate too much...

(Disclaimer to those of you who wanted to hear this next part in person:  I tried to call Amy K. and Anita (my cousin), but couldn't get a hold of you.  I also couldn't find Auntie Brenda's phone number.  Please know that I really wanted to tell you personally!)


The main reason why I'm finding it hard to think of what to post these days is because I have BABY on the brain!!  That's right.... we are expecting our second child for August 6th!  I've been so excited about it, and wanting to tell everyone, so I was just kind of waiting to post until I could say this!!  We are a bit nervous about having two kids, but we are thrilled to have the chance!

I will post a belly picture (fully clothed, mind you!) on Monday, because then I will be 10 weeks.  I'll try to post frequently, so you can see me change and get HUGE!  So far, I feel pretty 'round' shall I say!!  But I think a part of that is definately too much Christmas Dinner!!  I guess we'll see!

Love you all!


Walter & Mel said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing and hearing the progress!


Jobina said...

Finally! The news comes out! I was just chomping at the bit already! Glad to hear the pregnancy is still going well and it sounds like you're super excited. Happy New Year!

HeinrichIrene said...

The flu is going around again, he he he :-). Thats so exciting. Hey, by the time I have my baby a lot of ladies will be bigger, he he he. Don't worry about the two kids. You will grow into this.


P.S. After this exciting news noone pays attention to your new haircut:-) It looks good!

Drea said...

Love the new hair cut and color, its so cute. I want to get mine colored or cut... just debating on what to get done.
I actually considered getting a few PURPLE highlights .. yes PURPLE! Purple is in this season in hair... LOL

But im a pastors wife.. not sure how the deacons might take me walking in with in with purple in my hair HAHA. but im young and work with teens so I think I could pass it off.

any who.
I look forward to the belly photo. Do what I did. Wear the same shirt in all your photos so we can see the change!
and take the photo in the same spot everytime. This really adds to the belly growth affect ;-)

Lindsey Dueck said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you!! I love babies. I want some. At our new years party we were talking about babies and who would have babies next and I kind of jokingly said "keith and stacey should be having another one soon" and either michelle or alyssa said "Yep, August 6th!!" I was so shocked! And you three will definatly have to come see our place next time your out! I will try and make an edible meal.

anita said...

Aaaaaaaghhhhhhh!!! so sorry i missed the phone call! Congratulations! :) very happy for you...and since I have three already...I'm sure glad it's you and not me!!! ;)

Adam, Susanna, and Baby Addison said...

Remember when we were talking at alumni weekend and I asked you if you and Keith were planning on more kids?! I don't know if you already knew that you were pregnant then, but I kind of suspected when there was a little pause and a sly smile when you answered! That's fantastic, and I wish you all the best in this pregnancy! I admire you and other moms who are willing to take on such an endeavor already having a little one. Best of luck. I'll be waiting to see those pictures!