Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A little energy boost?

So, lately I've been feeling sooo tired, 
and I know that's just part of pregnancy, 
but I'm also wondering if it has to do with  
a lack of exercise.  I've never been much
of an exerciser, but I have this feeling that
it's exactly what I need to spruce up my
life alittle.  

I know that too much exercise (too strenuous)
is not recommended, but I'd like to start
something.  Does anyone have any suggestions
of what I can do to get a little more energy
into my day?  If it wasn't so terribly cold, going
for a walk would be great!  Unfortunately it will
probably be a few more months of this frigidness!
With Rowan already being sick, it wouldn't help
him to be out for too long.  Anyway, if you have
any great idea, let me know!


Walter & Mel said...

Hmmm, it's something that I dealt with during my pregnancy too. I wish I had taken the gumption to actually do something about it, so I really encourage you to get some excercise in, because I had a rough time in the last trimester with REALLY low energy. I have no idea what would help, but I hope that you find something that works for you.

Drea said...

I did pilates while pregnant. I did it for months before getting pregnant though... so my body was use to it. not sure if it be wise to start anything to hard now :-)
I know the feeling thoug.. hopefully it will pass soon

Jobina said...

I had a pregnancy aerobics and a pregnancy yoga tape that I'd put in every once in a while when I felt like I just had to do something! Often they have a person on the tape for each trimester, so if you want to work a little less, you just follow the third trimester ladies! Other than that, my Mom always just encouraged me to do house work. Half an hour of washing walls, vaccuuming, or intense laundry I find is just as much work (especially if you have stairs to climb!)

Andrea said...

i agree with Jobina...housework was what I did for exercise...oh, and I guess I DID work in the daycare for the first 6 months so that required a LOT of exercise most days!! i found I was relly tired too though, even though I was getting exercise, so I started taking an iron supplement (besides the normal vitamin) and that helped a lot!

The Thiessens said...

Stairs are definitely great exercise and since your washer and dryer are in the basement, you're getting some! Dad's input is take one sock to the washer at a time until you've got your load downstairs! :)
I also tried to go for lots of walks. We'll pray our nice mild winter comes back so you can enjoy that again.