Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Long awaited pictures...

 So, as I promised, here are some of the only Christmas pics we have!!  Pretty sad... I'm not glued to my camera like I was when I was in high school.  Anyway, sorry for the lack of interesting posts.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back!


Drea said...

hehe im excited but wont say nothing ;-)

the sling is expensive but to me is worth it. its soooo well built... and if i use it like i plan on using its well worth the 70 dollars.

i have seen a few on ebay but never in my size or the colors i like :-)

hope that helps

oh and there are other brand slings like it im sure.. i just prefer to use that brand since my friend lis used hers for over 2 yrs and highly recommended it.
Id rather spend a little more and know im getting a well made product... than take a chance on a cheaper model that doesnt work as well..
you know?

Walter & Mel said...

Hmmmm Stacey, are you stocking up on information from other moms for future reference or is there a special package on the way right now??

Neat pics - I often don't have my camera handy when I want it most. I too was a trigger happy high schooler, but with our new camera I'm getting into it again.

Have a great day, Stacey! God bless!