Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Special Visit

This past weekend we had a great time with Keith's family.
  His parents, and two of his sisters (Alyssa & Michelle) 
came to our place for Saturday and Sunday.   We had a great
time visiting with them and just hanging out as a family.

It's so much fun to see how much Rowan loves his grandparents
and his aunties!  He had such a great time with them, and I'm sure
he misses them now too.  Auntie Alyssa is so good with
changing diapers and she pretty much just took over for me!  Yay!
Michelle even changed a few :)  Thanks girls!  

Because we only get to see Keith's famil about once a month,
our times together are always too short!  One weekend hardly
seems like enough time to spend together.  We're so thankful
to have had this visit though!  Looking forward to seeing everyone,
including Stacey, in a few weeks!

Here's a great picture of our family from this past August.


Mom and Dad said...

Great picture! We too enjoy our visits w/ the Friesens - too bad they're 3 hrs away - it would be fun to visit more often for sure. :)

Aunt sheila said...

Nice pic! Uncanny how much Keith looks like his Dad!

Drea said...

That is a great family photo!! who thought of that layout? :-) its really neat