Wednesday, February 07, 2007

14 Week Check-Up

 Yesterday I had my 14 week appointment.  Keith even took the afternoon off of work to come with me!  (Thanks Keith!)  My appointment was for 1:30, so we were there about 10 minutes early.  They called me into the lab almost right away, much to my surprise.  Once I was finished there, I sat down, and was called into the Doctor's office within a minute!  She came in right away, I didn't even have to wait for anything!  The best part was hearing the baby's heartbeat.  I just couldn't stop grinning!  I don't remember it being this exciting with Rowan, maybe I was more nervous then!

My Doctor likes to use the old wives tale of the heartrate for gender predicton, just for fun.  So, she says it;s another boy!  We were joking around a little bit, and she said maybe she should take a poll of all the babies she's delivered, and see how accurate her guessing is!  She was right on with Rowan!

I think having another boy would be great (although, I still really want to have a girl someday) because it would make things a lot more simple with clothes and stuff.  All we really need are some diapers!  I'm sure there are more things I will need yet, of course, but another boy would sure help!

To all of you second time moms, what are some things that you found you needed to buy for the second baby?  A few things on my list are a good breast pump, a cuddly wrap, a playpen, and possible a new stroller.  Any suggestions?  And Mel, I might just take you up on your offer of maternity clothes.  I had a dream last night that I found this gorgeous dress in Winnipeg at a small maternity clothing store, that probably doesn't even exist!  If only it were real...  If anyone else has clothes they want to get rid of, let me know!  I may just find a use for them!


kowalsons said...

Good Morning Stacey! Congrated on your second child on the way!! PTL! Glad to hear/read that you are doing well! Sorry to hear that it is so cold out there, not as cold here today, (suposed to hit 6 degrees), but it sure is grey--I really really miss the sun! I agree summer would be nice!
Hope you have a great day!

Walter & Mel said...

Having a second child brings with it more knowledge as to what would be essential, what would be nice, and what we just plain want. Essentials for us were pretty basic - diapers, flannel blankets, sleepers, that kind of thing. Things that are nice to have would be a change table (still to come at our house), bassinet, and new diaper bag. The one thing I really want is a new stroller - hopefully a stroller with better tires and one that wheels around easier (like the Jeep brand that a friend of mine has - only problem is it doesn't fit in the car trunk).

It's always nice to receive new clothes for the second baby. I've asked for sleepers this time around just because the more sleepers and such I have, the less laundry I have to do each day :)

Drea said...

Hey Stacey, Im 5 foot 2 inches ;-) to answer your question. SO SHORT!

Gtg, ill read your post later :-) need to make some cookies with caleb.

Ellen said...

hi stacey,
that's awesome.. i remember the first time i heard Tristian's heart beat.. it was simply amazing, no words to describe!! i just remeber that Tristian's heartbeat was the fastest the first time i could hear it and it got consecutively slower as my pregnancy progressed - so at first it could have been a toss up btn girl/boy, but towards the end it was in the range of the 'boy' rate.. i think those wives tales are neat - i always liked doing the quizes online, but a lot were wrong and predicted a girl.. do you guys want to find out what the sex is at your ultrasound? kevin really wants to find out with our next baby - but i don't know how i feel about it, oh well we got lots of time there!

Stacey said...

Hi! It's good to hear from you. I guess you've never even met Rowan. I was just barely pregnant at the Interlake Women's Retreat, and I haven't seen you since then! Time flies.

I hear you on the change table thing. We just use a low dresser for Rowan. We'll do the same for this one I'm sure! I'd like a new stroller too. I purchased a used one for Rowan, which was great, but it's really heavy and bulky to put in the car.

Wow! That is short. I'm 5 foot 6 inches, and my sister is a few inches taller than me yet! Hope you had fun making cookies!

Keith and I both like to be surprised, which is good, because the Doctors here will not tell you the sex. I guess they want to avoid any upset parents if they might be wrong. Anyway, either way we're happy!

Erin said...

Hi Stacey! I thought I better leave a reply on your blog just in case you didn't see the one I left on mine! I will let you know in the next week if picking up a cuddly wrap works for me...I think it will. I checked out the Uppy Guppy today, but I'm just not sure if I like it quite as much as the Cuddly! Its decision time I suppose!

In response to your question about second time moms, my situation was different. I haven't had a baby in like 6 yrs, so for me I found that I've been buying everything. The only thing I still had was the crib, and it was almost brand new when I put it away.(it was the one I had at my parents' house for my daughter) aside from that I've needed to get EVERYTHING, and because I'm having a boy this time around I needed clothes and all! I don't mind so much because times have changed a lot I suppose. For me I still need to get a good breast pump (how do you know which one is best right?) and the cuddly, and then just like small stuff...OH, and I absolutely need a swing. The first thing I bought back in December for the baby was the Baby Papasan Vibrating Chair. It is so neat, and My daughter LOVED her chair and her swing.

Sorry about the long post, by the way; thanks for checking out my blog too, come back again...I am going to add you to my links, I am enjoying your blog!!

Stacey said...

I just checked out drea's blog, and she has a link to a site that shows you how to make your own wrap! Check it out! I'm really considering that now, as it could potentially be a lot cheaper than buying one. Let me know what you think!