Monday, February 05, 2007

14 week photo

Here it is! 14 weeks already. Seems like I just all of a sudden grew a lot, but maybe it just feels that way! Today Rowan and I are staying inside! It's -28 outside (it was -34 when I got up this morning!) and even though it's sunny, there's no way that I'm going out! Can't wait for summer....


Drea said...

Thats insane!! to cold!!!
How do you live? lol
You look great :-)

Mom said...

I'm ready for summer too! This morning when I got into the vehicle to go to work, there was not the usual bounce into the driver's seat - it was more like a 'thud' onto a frozen block of ice. Even the tires felt square!! Oh well, we know this too shall pass - but yes, we do have sunshine - Thank You Lord!!
By the way, for some reason I can't see your pic up on the blod, but sounds like it's there somewhere..hmmm.

Walter & Mel said...

Oh, the joys of early pregnancy... getting to the point when normal clothes are tighter and maternity clothes are too soon. If you would like to borrow some "new" maternity clothes (bought last year), I might have a few that would fit you (as in be small enough). Just call us (we're in the book).

Weather wise, keep warm and cozy inside! I'm so looking forward to the end of this cold spell.

Jobina said...

That's a very nice looking tummy you've got there! Is Rowan feeling any better yet? I'm with you on this cold snap...stay inside!

Stacey said...

Thanks everyone!
Rowan is still not feeling good, mostly due to the fact that he is getting all four eye teeth at the same time! Two are through, and we're waiting for the other two! Now Keith and I are feeling pretty lousy too. Probably from being stuck inside for so long. Oh please, summer, come soon!