Monday, February 26, 2007

17 week photo

Well, I guess you noticed by now that I skipped 16 weeks, and went straight to 17 for my picture.  I just didn't feel very photogenic that day!  Actually, I've just been feeling like I'm way too huge, and I didn't want to post a picture.  To top it all off, Keith and I went shopping on Saturday, and as I was trying on some clothes, the woman helping me said, "Are you sure you're only 3 1/2 months pregnant?  Maybe you're having twins."  Thanks.  That just made my day.

If I was having twins, then great, but I feel awfully large for just one.  Especially watching my sister with her first pregnancy.  She's 23 weeks and a little smaller than me!  Oh well, I guess we all grow in different shapes and sizes.  So, here's the picture.  I decided to wear my new shirt instead of the black tank top, because I think it's very cute.

There are a few things that I would like to try sewing while I'm pregnant.  One of those is a rag quilt, like I made for Rowan.  His is quite big, and he'll get to use it once he gets a big boy bed.  I'm not sure what colours, or what size I'll make this one, but it will hopefully be a bit different. Here's a pic of Rowan's quilt.


Gina said...

I think you look great Stacey, the shirt is really cute too.

Walter & Mel said...

You look great! Don't doubt that!

And that quilt... wow! Looks great! You have talent!

Jobina said...

I remember feeling "big". It usually lasted till about 4-5 months for me, and then I felt sooo beautiful! Just remember that even though you may not feel beautiful, you sure look beautiful! Let that tummy just hang out and enjoy the fact that you don't have to suck it in!!! I love the shirt too! It really is cute!
Have fun making your quilt. What colors are you thinking about doing?

Erin said...

I don't think you look big at all! I got that too probably starting around the same time, the "Maybe your having twins" stuff...I actually hoped I was for a while to justify why I was so large, and then when they told me I was only having one, hmmm...I also have days where I look at my pregnancy pictures and think, "I look awful." is true that we all grow differently through our pregnancies, and rest assured, you do NOT by any means look HUGE!!!

Lindsey Dueck said...

Twins1?! That would be exciting! I want twins someday, i think it would be fun. Anyways, I think you look beautiful, not big! Your shirt is cute too! And I love the quilt you made, it is really nice! I love making rag quilts.

Aunt Sheila said...

Just enjoy being pregnant! IT doesn't matter how big you get, as long as you're experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Most women "pop" out sooner with their 2nd than with their 1st.
I so miss being big and pregnant.
Now I'm just big - hmm!

The Thiessens said...

Stacey - I think you have the perfect pregnant belly, and you won't ever have to worry about getting 'huge'. I felt that way too at some point...I think most women do.


DavenHeather said...

you do look great.. and take that from someone who did have twins and who really was huge.. not even maternity clothes fit my belly.. everyone carries so differently.. ahh pregnancy ain't life grand. the shirt is super cute too..

Drea said...

u do not look like ur having twins. People are strange! you look great.
I love the quilt :-) thats so cute!

Andrea said...

Hey! So that's the cool new top you were telling me about the other week...very snazzy!! And I think you look absolutely stunningly beautifil too!!! :) I really do!!

Ellen said...

I agree with Andrea, you look quite beautiful in that top :) I saw the lastest pic of your sister and I can hardly believe she's that far along, I wasn't that small the first time thro.. and your Auntie is right, with the second baby you show sooner.. I am already noticing my little bulge and I wasn't like that the first time at this stage.. I think looking pregnant is wonderful - I just don't like the first stage where I feel tubby and no one can tell I'm preggo yet.. can you feel the baby yet? they also say you can sometimes feel the babe sooner too on a second + pregnancy :) hope you have a great week Stacey!!

Stacey said...


The quilt is actually pretty easy to make. Even with my major lack of sewing talent I managed to pull it off!

Thanks! And don't worry, I'll be over soon for those maternity clothes! I'm not sure about the quilt colours yet. I'll have to look around I guess.

You're right, we all do grow differently. I know I'm not the biggest pregnant person I've ever seen. I just forget sometimes!

I'm not opposed to having twins either, but I'm pretty sure this is just one.

~Auntie Sheila
I don't know if I'm showing any sooner than with Rowan. Maybe I just grow quickly in the beginning.

Well, if you could feel huge when you were pregnant, then I think every pregnant woman can feel justified!! You were sooo tiny. I'm sure it's just a feeling we all get once in a while.

Looking at the pictures on your blog, you were a very cute pregnant person. Even having twins, you looked really good!

Thank you! I don't feel like I do either. Just a little rounder than usual.

Thanks!! It's not even a maternity shirt!

I actually have felt this baby for a few weeks now. With Rowan I felt him at about 15 weeks, which they say is pretty early, but I know it was definately him moving. With this one, I felt it maybe a week earlier. It's one of my favorite things about being pregnant. To feel the little flutters and know that everything is okay!

Adam, Susanna, and Baby Addison said...

You look GREAT and I love the shirt! Great choice. You have to admit, there are a lot of really nice maternity clothes these days, so great chance to enjoy your new wardrobe!

HeinrichIrene said...

See Stacey, now I think you look beautiful. Look at me, I'm huge.Your belly is so cute.

anita said...

Hey Stacey! Don't compare yourself to Heather...this is her first and your body often responds a little differently w/ the second...and third! ;) And just be grateful for the belly...I know there are way too many women out there who can only dream of being pregnant.