Monday, February 19, 2007

One Great Weekend

We spent our weekend visiting Keith's family.  It was great to see them all again, and to see how much Rowan loved being with his aunties and Grandma & Grandpa.  He had a great time being chased around the house and tickled, and all that fun stuff!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was singing with the girls.  They asked me if I wanted to join them for a special number in church on Sunday morning.  I of course said yes, because I love singing with them!  We chose two songs, since we rarely get a chance to sing together.  We sang 'Everythign to Me' by Avalon, and 'Your Name' which is a really good worship song.  I wish we could have recorded it.  Someday we hope to!

Alyssa took some great pictures of Rowan after the service, when he decided to try and sing and play the piano!  Priceless.

Pretty cute, huh!

This one is my favortie!

GROSS!  I feel sorry for the next one who uses this mic!


Walter & Mel said...

He's got perfect form! A regular concert pianist! Atta you, Rowan!

Very cute pictures, by the way. Looks like he really enjoys performing.

Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

Hah! Those are some great pics. BTW, Janzen Bros have this really cool little drum think it's too early?

Dayna said...

stacey, it was so nice to see you in church on sunday... when michelle said you'd be coming out i started hoping the 4 of you would sing and my wish came true! it was beautiful and touching... as always, i was (am) amazed by your voices blending together so amazingly! oh, and you should have heard michelle tonite! it was phenomenal!


Drea said...

heehee he looks like a pro!

The Thiessens said...

He's definitely our next little performer!
What an example of how those little ones are watching and mimicking us - makes you wanna be sure you're leaving the right kind of footsteps for them to follow in.


Stacey said...

Thanks! I think he will definately be some kind of musician someday!

I don't think a drum set will go over with me very well! On the other hand, if you ask Rowan...

It was great to see you too!

He would like to think so!

I know! He seems to just pick up on everything these days!

Lindsey Dueck said...

Hey Stacey!
Sucks we missed you in church this weekend. I love when the Friesen family sings, it is my favorite! Rowan is so cute, he will be singing along with you in no time!!

Anonymous said...

My, you've got such a wonderful son! He's so funny and so much fun to play with! Think he'll be needing piano lessons soon?....
Thanks alot for singing with us...I always enjoy our times together, whether we're singing,or whatever! See ya soon!

Andrea said...

That's SO cute!!! :) Was he actually "singing" or talking into the mike too?

I have another question though that has absolutely nothing to do with your post! haha...on your parents blog your mom was going through Rowan's routine before bedtime and she said that you turned on his that so that he sleeps better, with the constant noise and stuff? Just wondering because Tate seems to sleep WAY better when either the furnace is going or else the little heater in his room is going...but I'm not sure if that's good because then he gets so used to sleeping with those things that he might not sleep without them?! Just wondering! :)

Stacey said...

I'm not sure if Rowan was really talking or singing in the pictures, because the pictures are from Alyssa. I was visiting with some friends at the back of the church, and didn't even notice him!

About the fan... I guess that started because we had guests sleeping in the next room, and we wanted Rowan to sleep, and not get woken up by the extra noise. Not that we ever are terribly quiet for him, but I think it helped. Now he is definately addicted to the 'white noise' though! It's a fan that has never actually worked like it should. It basically just makes noise and doesn't blow a whole lot of air.