Friday, February 02, 2007

Thanks to Jobina for this one!

Yesterday as I was reading some of my friend's blogs, 
I came across a great website that Jobina had talked about in her blog .
She just joined something called sparkpeople, which is a website
designed to help you set and acheive your fitness and nutrition
goals.  I decided to sign up, and as I was completing the form,
I was asked whether I was pregnant or breastfeeding.  I of course
said yes, and was automatically taken to a different website,
called babyfit, that is designed especially for pregnancy,
breastfeeding, and postpartum women.  I was able to set my goals
of a healthy pregnancy, including exercise and diet, and it gives
great suggestions of what I can do to acheive those goals!  If you want
to check it out, just click on the picture below!

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Jobina said...

glad I could help!