Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As I was making a salad to go with our supper this evening, 
I heard a little voice say 'yummmmm'!  I turned around to look 
into the dining room, and saw Rowan licking a plastic knife 
covered in sour cream!  I was expecting to find the bowl on 
the flour, and a huge mess, but somehow he managed to get 
the sour cream onto a plate with his plastic knife without making 
a mess!  It was so cute, I ran to get the camera, and just laughed!

Needless to say, he didn't want anything to do with his baked
potato and cried during the whole meal.  I guess we just can't


one of us said...

Does he remind you of a certain Grandpa with a taste for anything sour?

Stacey said...

Definately! Rowan loves food with lot's of flavour, especially sour things!

Drea said...

awe how sweet. I have sour cream.. :-) more power to Rowan! haha
caleb calls that sort of stuff Ice cream . Sour cream and ranch dressing or... whipped cream is "ice cream" haha. Although w he he taste something that looks like ice cream and its not.. he makes very strange faces.

Andrea said...

Haha...that is so cute and funny! :) I don't think Jon and i have bought sour cream even 1 time since we got married...so we'll see if Tate ends up being a fan of it anyways! hehe :) Hope Rowan is having a better day today...Tate is so far! :)