Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Finally Did It!!

Yesterday I was very excited to find a package in the mail from slingrings.com.  My sling rings finally came!  Actually, they came pretty quick, about a week or so.  Not bad for shipping from the US.

So, this afternoon Heather came over and we sewed our slings together.  It was so exciting to see it all come together.  I of course had to try to put Rowan in it, which I think he really liked.  He's been kind of clingy lately, so this probably was just what he wanted!

Our next project is serging the edges of our wraps... not looking forward to doing that as much.  Such a long piece of fabric!!

Here's a picture of my new ring sling:


anita said...

that looks awesome! good job! now if I was having another baby you could make me one! ;)

The Thiessens said...

Wonder why no one thought of that when my babes were little!? Looks like that will come in handy for you Stacey :)


Drea said...

looks beautiful ;-) what type of fabric did you end up using?

Drea said...

Oh and if you need to learn different positions of wearing go to www.zolowear.com << they have great online videos!

Stacey said...

Let me know... haha!! Wouldn't that be something else, another baby!

Apparantly babywearing is a very old practice, it was just kind of lost over time.

I used a lightweight woven cotton. Thanks for the tip!

Walter & Mel said...

Looks great Stacey! You've got more nerve with a sewing machine than I do!

Lindsey Dueck said...

I love those slings! I want one when I have babies! It was great seeing you in church on Sunday! My sunday school class will be glad you didn't steal all the Mini Eggs! LOL!