Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's been way too long!!

I'm finally home!  I feel like I've been gone forever, and I know Keith missed me too!  I came home to a mess, of course, since painting never leaves a house looking spotless!  I spent a good chunk of my afternoon cleaning already, but I'm tired, and need a break.  So, I'm back in my blogging world!

Rowan has been really whiney the last few days, and I hope it's just because he wasn't at home, and hasn't seen daddy much.  Let's hope things get better real quick, or I'm really going to lose my temper one of these times.  I find whining sooo agravating!

Since you've all been waiting months for this, here are the pictures of my newly painted kitchen/dining room/hallway.  We still need to do the trim, so I'll have to post again, but hey, I just think it looks so amazing already, I can't wait!!
I'm extremely happy with how the colours turned out.  Exactly what I was hoping for!!  So, here it is!!




The dark colour is called ground cinnamon, it's an orangy brown

Sorry for the dark pictures... it's a cloudy rainy yucky day!

We also added tile to the backsplash in the kitchen, for some extra colour!

Oh, and before I forget!  Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, Heather, and Liane, and I found the cutest shoes for Rowan!  I was looking for See Kai Run shoes, which I found, but they turned out to be not as nice as I thought, and didn't fit Rowan's feet very well.  At the shop I went to, caleed Bug 'N Boo, they had these other shoes called Little Squeaky Feet.  They are sooo cute (and they're from a Canadian company, which is awesome)!!  They have little sqeakers in them, so they make noise when Rowan walks.  (They ARE removeable, so right now they're actually not in the shoes!)  They fit him really well, and he loves them too!  Here's a picture of them:


Andrea said...

Aww..those shoes are so cute...and sound like fun too! I'll maybe have to get Tate some of those when he starts walking!! :) And I LOVE your the new paint!! It looks awesome!!

Drea said...

love the shoes and the paint job. looks fab!

Michelle said...

Wow! I love the paint job! It looks amazing. The colors are perfect. Too bad you can't send Rowan here for an afternoon. It would be so fun. Sometime eh?
Love the shoes!

Gina said...

Love the paint job as well as the tile -- It looks fantastic! We want to do tile in our kitchen too, are those just the individual 4 x 4 tiles?

Stacey said...

You'll have to come visit and see it in person!!


When do you girls want to go shopping?

Yup, we bought our tiles from Rona. They sure are a pain to put on though! My kitchen was a mess for a looong time!

michelle said...

hey stacey!
What are you doing this saturday? I think lyss and i will stay in the city, so think about it and let us know. I'm looking forward to it:)Hope you have a great day!
Say hi to Rowan and Keith for me.

Erin said...

The painting and tile look amazing...I'm glad that you get to be back at home again!!! I love Little Squeaky Feet shoes, I can't wait until this baby can wear them (WAIT, I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THIS BABY COMES!!!!)

Walter & Mel said...

The paint looks amazing! (and I've been trying to comment for a day already just to say that!) Maybe you should come over and tell me what to paint my living/kitchen area. I'm tempted to get out a paintbrush as well, and seeing your end product makes it even more tempting.

Doesn't it make a world of difference to the feel of your home?

DavenHeather said...

i love the colors. it looks great! so nice to have it the way you want hey.