Saturday, March 03, 2007

My little cutie

Yesterday after supper, Rowan was being really cuddly, which he NEVER is! He came and sat in my lap for about an hour. Then, when I looked down, he was sleeping! I just held him there for about 1/2 hour, because it was so special to just hold him. He doesn't let me do this usually. Here's a few pics that Keith took while I watched tv and Rowan slept.


Andrea said...

I know how nice it is to cuddle with your boy! Tate doesn't like to cuddle as much anymore either...except he's usually pretty relaxed in the wrap...but yeah, since we make him fall asleep by himself now he is getting used to it and doesn't like to be cuddled as much...which is ok, but the times when he does want to be cuddle ARE extra special (like you said!) :)

Ellen said...

awww.. that is very sweet! I know what you mean, Tristian is also not usually a cuddley boy either.. altho every now and then he'll come up to me and just want a hug.. when they fall asleep in your arms, that's just so precious - those are the times that every hardship is worth it just to hold them like that!! Deffinately a moment to be treasured, it's good you got some good pics so you can remember..

Dayna said...

wow stacey, those are such beautiful pictures! the saying "a picture says a thousand words" comes to mind...

compliments to you all:
keith: for taking such good pics
stacey: for looking so blissfully pretty and peacefully content
rowan: for being so flippin cute!
baby-o: for leaving enough room on your mommy's lap for your big brother to sprawl out and create this precious and beautiful memory


amy said...

Stacey those are both such beautiful pictures. Such a reminder to really cherish those cuddle times. I guess that our little ones won't always fit so snuggly on our laps, but I still like to cuddle with my mom, even if it's just beside her, wrapped in her arms. There is something about a mothers love. What a special thing to be a mom!

Stacey said...

Thanks everyone!

Drea said... special