Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Weekend

Friday morning Keith, Rowan and I left in the truck for a trip to visit Keith's family.  On the way, we stopped in Winnipeg to do some business for Jordan Mills, and to pick up Keith's sister Alyssa.  Rowan was so excited to see his auntie!

We had lunch at Subway, which was so yummy!  It's nice to not have to cook once in a while!  Anyway, while we were there, a man dropped a penny on the floor, and Rowan runs over and says "MONEY!!!"  This man offered him a whole hand ful of change, which we said no to.  Keith said we should just walk around with Rowan and get him to ask people for money.  We'd be RICH!!  Haha!  We'd never actually do something like that!  It was actually kind of embarassing.

On Sunday afternoon Alyssa, Michelle and I decided to try to record us singing a song on Alyssa's camera.  She can record just sound files, so we did a song by Avalon called Everything To Me.  I hope to post it soon, when I get a chance to work on some pictures to go with it.  So far it's given me nothing but a headache!

Sunday morning we went to the Mennville EMC with Keith's family.  That morning Dwight Plett was preaching.  I was so touched by his message.  There was so much passion behind what he was saying, and the message was a tough one.  He told the story of the Recabites, who were faithful to the instruction of their forefathers, while all the Israelites around them were disobeying God.  The Recabites had to live as though this was not there home, no wine, no homes (only tents), and no fields or vineyards.  God promised them that they would never fail to have a man serving Him, because of their faithfulness.

Dwight went on to talk about how even though it is not what we want, we need to sacrifice our comforts in this world, because it is not our home.  We need to be so focused on Christ that nothing can distract us and steal our time and joy.  What do we need to let go of?  Dwight talked about how his wife Lorna was dying of cancer, and how he finally surrendered her to Christ, even though he couldn't imagine life without her.  In the end God healed her, and now they serve God together.  They are an amazing example to me of Christlikeness.

I wish I could type the whole message here, but this post is already pretty long!  If you are interested in learning more about Dwight, he is actually a local recording artist!  He writes his own music and plays piano and sings really well.  Here's a link to his site.

Rowan had a great time visiting the cows with grandpa, and we also had a good little nap on Sunday afternoon!

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