Sunday, March 25, 2007


We are FINALLY painting our kitchen/dining room/hallway!! It's very exciting, but also a bit of a pain. Because the paint in our house is really old, like from the 70's or so, (no joke!!) and it's oil paint, we had to prime everything with an oil based primer, making our house very toxic and smelly. So, Rowan and I are staying with my parents until all the painting is finished. We are using latex paint though, so next time, we won't have to do this! My mom called the paint store to ask about how bad it is for pregnant women to be around oil paints, and they said that if we were painting everything oil, including the colour, I should stay away for a week! Since we are doing latex paint over the oil primer, I only have to stay away til two days after the final coat of paint is finished. I definately was NOT planning on this! I feel very out of place and lost. I only had enough time to grab a few things before Keith and my dad starting painting, so I'm living out of a bag for the next few days. A big thanks to my family for putting up with us, and for helping us paint!

On another note, Keith and I went to the dinner theatre at the Winkler Bible Camp last night. Was that ever funny! I'm sure Warren will post some pictures some time on their site. Walter & Mel will probably have some pictures too, since Walter played the infamous 'Albert' in the play. Great job guys!! You sure know how to put on a good show!!


Walter & Mel said...

It was nice to 'meet' you both. Albert's last showing is tonight so I'll get my husband back after that. He said he as a little off his game with his voice. Some staff were trying to imitate him backstage and that threw his voice off when he had to go onstage. Tonight he's planning on being a bit more nasal. Yay.

If you want to hear the classic cowboy rap from last night, check out our blog. That's my favorite part.

Did your babysitters have a good time with Rowan?

Walter & Mel said...

Oh, and the whole painting thing... not fun. Oil paint is definitely strong stuff. I've been there. Even when Walter & Jolee painted the latex in Kenna's room while I was pregnant I found the smell a little overwhelming. But with the weather we're having now, you can always open a bunch of windows and it won't be bad.

Amber said...

Enjoy your little "vacation" out of the house ;)

anita said...

Brett and I had to leave the house too when I was pregnant w/ Lucas and we painted the bedroom. Reading your post brought back memories!! Just think about how nice it'll be when it's done! :)