Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rowan's Growing Vocabulary

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun with Rowan.  He's starting to try to say new words, and it's so cute because he gets so excited over some words.  Like when you ask him what the horse says, he says neigh, really loud!  And baa for the sheep as well.  Here's a list of some of the words he says now:
ball -probably his favorite.  If he talks to someone on the phone, he usually says ball.
please - sounds more like tease, but we're working in it!
cookie - probably the cutest word he says!  It sounds like cooookie!
dad - more like da
uh huh - for yes
book - sounds like the German work for book 'buch'
Bruce - his uncle
Bert - from a Sesame Street book he has
button - another favorite of his!

Anyway, I'm sure there a few more words, but you'll all get bored if  keep typing!  Some more facts about Rowan:

1) He is just learning to love climbing on things.  He mostly likes climbing into his high chair.
2) He usually says no to every question I ask him, and then changes his mind a few seconds later!
3) He LOVES eating cereal for breakfast!  He's getting so good at eating without too much of a mess.
4) He rarely eats more than a yogurt for lunch.
5) Supper is equally as small, but usually consists of just vegetables.
6) He now always remembers both sets of Grandparents, even when he doesn't see them for a month.
7) Rowan doesn't get a bottle anymore.  (Not for quite a few months already)  He hasn't learned to drink from a big cup yet though, just sippy cups.
8) Rowan has a favorite stuffed toy, a very colourful monkey.  He has to sleep with it every night.
9) He also always wants a cup of water in his bed now.  Not totally sure why.  He often doesn't even drink it!
10) He loves to throw balls.  He also likes to kick them.  I'm thinking I have a little athlete on my hands!
11) It usually takes him a while to warm up in a larger group of people, but he usually doesn't want to leave in the end!
12) He still takes a nap every afternoon.  Usually about 2 hours.  (Let's hope this keeps us once the baby is born!)
13) Rowan always wants to play ball when daddy gets home from work.
14) Rowan loves books.  He asks for a story many times during the day!
15) He is obsessed with Veggie Tales!  He calls them all 'Joe'  because he likes 'The Ballad of Little Joe'.  He calls 'The Lord of the Beans' Toto.  He asks for 'Joe' everyday, at least 5 times!
16) Rowan just got some rubber boots, and had fun walking in the puddles with me on Saturday.  So far he's pretty cautious.

Gotta go, the little man just woke up!  I'll try and post some pictures later!  Have a good day everyone!


Aunt Sheila said...

I'll have to play the Veggie Tales theme song for Rowan on my accordian at Easter, that is if you guys are coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey!
Wow! Rowan is growing up sooo fast. It's amazing. You guys are coming out this weekend right? I can't wait to see you all. What kind of cheesecake should we make this time?:)

Stacey said...

~Auntie Sheila
When is Easter for the Thiessens?

It's so fun when you comment on my blog! Yes, I'm pretty sure (not totally) that we are coming this weekend. I think we'll have to try something fancier this time! Don't forget to buy the cream cheese!

Aunt Sheila said...

Sunday, April 15th. One week after Easter Weekend. Hope to see you there!