Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Update to 'One BAD Night' and prenatal appointment

Well, thanks to all of you for your kind words, and the prayers for a better day!  I didn't manage to get a decent nap unfortunately, but my day did get better.  Rowan slept very well last night, though I did not.  I'm getting a nasty cold/sore throat, and I couldn't breathe properly.  Not much fun.

Yesterday afternoon I had a prenatal appointment.  I always love going to my appointments.  It's so exciting to make it just that much farther each time.  When I walked into the waiting room, I noticed a girl there that I recognized.  Then I also realized that her name is also Stacey Friesen!  So, I just mentioned to her that we'd have to double check which one of us they were calling.  Good thing, because when they called, she got up, since she had been waiting longer, and it turns out they were actually calling for me!  Weird that we would both be there at the same time!

The best part of my appointment is always hearing the babies heartbeat.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, my Doctor likes to use the old wives tale about the heartrate for gender prediction, just for fun.  So, this time, the heartrate was 150, A GIRL!  Now, either this baby is confused, or something changed since last time!  Oh well, I still have 5 months to wait and see!

Tonight we are having some good friends over whom we haven't seen in months.  I used to work with Mary at a small private school in our area, and we both got engaged within the school year!  Keith and I got married  in July, and Ed & Mary got married in October.  It was a lot of fun teaching with Mary, and I always love the 
times that we can get together.  We just seem to find it really hard to find a 
good time to get together, even though they only live about 25 minutes away!  


Ellen said...

that's good that you had a better day :) i must have given you my cold over the phone the other day.. i'm still trying to get over my sore throat and cough.. i was a little disappointed that I couldn't hear my baby's heartbeat cuz i love doing that wive's tale guessing :) so i guess you may be having a boy or a girl :) fun fun fun!!

Donna said...

Hi! thanks for visiting I know I am not alone! I was reading your last few posts. It sound like Rowan is getting sick. The cuddly things, the sleeping thing. Maybe he just wasn't feeling well the last few days. This is exactly how my daughter acts when she is getting sick.

Nice to meet you I will check back soon!

Renata said...

We didn't find out for all three of our kids, but for #2 and #3, we recorded the heartbeat the week they were due. My daughter's heartbeat was definately faster!