Monday, April 16, 2007

bedtime stories & cloth wipes

Every night before Rowan goes to sleep, we read him a story.  For the longest time he always wanted this book called 'Noah's Crew Came Two By Two', a really cute story about the animals boarding the ark.  Lately though, he wants this book called 'Tappy's Team'  which is about a little pig who wants to play on a baseball team.  

Last night, Rowan wanted Keith to read the story, so I took some pictures.  In the story, Tappy tries to catch a ball, and misses, and he also doesn't hit the ball with the bat the first time either.  Rowan has this thing about how sad Tappy looks in the pictures, so he kisses Tappy!

Keith reading to a happy boy!

Rowan really likes this book!

Rowan kissing Tappy to make him feel better.

This morning Heather and I worked on some sewing!  Actually, we both had a bunch of scrap pieces of flannel left from making a rag quilt, so we made some cloth wipes with them.  We just serged two pieces together.  Cute, cheap, and simple!  We also FINALLY serged the edges of our wraps (like a cuddlywrap).  It was fun to get it all finished.

Here's both the wipes and the wrap together.

Here's a closeup of the wipes.

And, of course, the wrap!


Evi said...

Those homemade wipes are the BEST. Good for you!

Drea said...

i want to see that wrap on u! put rowan in it!! I put Caleb in my moby, its possible :-) I just ordered one of these -

Mothersday gift :-) Got a 10% discount.. and if it doesnt work I can sell it on for more than I paid im sure... because they are in such high demand right now. 4 week waiting period!

Andrea said...

Hey! Nice serging! hehe! And that is SO cute that Rowan has to kiss Tappy better! I can't wait to see what kind of things Tate will come up with once he is older! He is already starting to be SO much fun! He has Looooooong conversations with himself about certain toys. haha. :)

Walter & Mel said...


How cute that Rowan kisses Tappy better! The things our kids think of...