Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm just so tired...

I've been putting off my blog for a while now, and it's time to write something!  I haven't felt like doing anything lately.  I'm just so tired.  And when I'm tired, I feel kind of melancholy.  Yesterday I had a two hour nap, and I only got up at 8:30 this morning, which is a pretty rare occurance.  Now I still feel like I could sleep the afternoon away.

Just adding to my frustration, I decided to try putting Rowan on the potty this morning.  I'm so unsure of what to do.  I really don't want to buy diapers for two kids, but I'm not sure I have enough patience to train Rowan right now.  In the three hours that I had him in training pants, he peed twice, and pooped twice, in the training pants.  And, it didn't even seem to bother him a bit!!  He just went right on playing.  ARGGH!!  How am I supposed to work with that?

Right now I should be painting our window frame and washing dishes, but I'm just too tired.  I hope Keith with forgive me if he gets home and I haven't finished yet!

Hopefully I can get Keith to take a belly picture for me today.  I'm 22 weeks!!  I can't believe how the time is flying by this time.  In church yesterday it was nice to see that the other prego ladies had little baby bumps too.  Up til now I felt like a huge round prego lady next to them.  Last time I was pregnant, all the other ladies that were pregnant were due before me, except one, and they had all had children before, resulting in bigger baby bellies than I had.  This time it feels the opposite for me.  Oh well, life goes on...


Jobina said...

Oh Stacey, I feel for you! I remember wanting to potty train Riker quickly before Trinity showed up. The main thing is to get him interested. If the interest turns to a real desire to get rid of the diapers (in his opinion) then great. If not, it's ok. In getting him interested you've done half the work! Believe me, going out anywhere with a kid in underwear is WAY more stressful than going somewhere with two kids in diapers. Don't sweat it.
On a different note, I was in Steinbach the day you were in the city, so it's a good thing you didn't take time out to drop by! Is there anyone that I could send things with for you? Do you want me to email you a list of what I've got and you can choose? Then I could have it boxed up and ready to go. I could even drop it off at Alyssa's if you want. Let me know!

Stacey said...

I remember your trials with Riker!! I also remember thinking that there was such a good age difference between them. I guess moving in the middle just really didn't help the potty training either, did it!

I still want to try and make it into the city soon. If I don't come within the next week or two, it would be great if you could send the clothes to Alyssa, since we'll be seeing them in three weeks or so.

Evi said...

Joseph and Abbi and Simon were all in diapers for a number of months...they are 7 and 5 longer in diapers. YAY!
Hang in there still holds true that time flies and before we know it they will be looking into diapers for US to wear!

Walter & Mel said...

My advice on Rowan's potty training - wait until he starts showing an interest. For us, we waited impatiently for over a year, then it was an easier process when Jolee was ready. It's just easier to get r' done when the child is actually wanting to succeed. Until then, it's just way more laundry and a lot of stress, especially when preggo (believe me!).

I think Keith will understand that household chores may not happen so easily now. I'm sure he sees just how tired you are. :)

Aunt Sheila said...

Take it from a woman who has potty trained 3 boys - wait till they show interest, once they are ready it will be apiece of cake, may only take a few days!
On being tired, I was tired everyday, for about 10 years right up until this past fall when Mack started school! No consolation, I know, but it will get easier! It is exhausting being pregnant, especially when you have an active toddler to run after, it's just a busy phase of your life! Enjoy! :)

Drea said...

Ok step by step directions just for you!!

Take away his diapers.
ALL OF THEM... except for nap time and leaving the house for long trips.

Get a timer...
Time every 15 minutes.
Put him on the potty each time that timer goes off... no matter what he says he needs to atleast sit. Now if hes screaming bloody murder ... then try to explain to him and bribe him :-)

After he goes reward him w/ a gummy bear or something sweet he likes.

Sometimes I would even blow bubbles for Caleb when he was sitting on the potty. He loved that.

After he goes a few times every 15 minutes try moving it up to 20 minutes... then 25... then 30... eventually you'll be able to go an hour. It takes a good month to get up to an hour though.

Its going to be VERY annoying. You wont really be able to relax and watch an entire TV show because every 15 minutes you'll have to deal w/ sitting him on the toilet... but its worth it.

Be prepared to have accidents.
Buy atleast 6-10 undies.
I buy the toddler kind located in the onesie dept. at walmart or target. They have extra padding on them incase your baby leaks.

DO NOT USE PULLUPS! He will never learn a wet feeling if you stick a pullup on him.

Its ok if he has an accident... just remind him he has to go on the potty now... that he has big boy undies on and that he cant pee pee in those.

He should get the hang of it... but you have to make it enjoyable. THere will be times he fusses... but he'll get over it.

Caleb was pretty much fully trained by 25 months. We rarely have pee pee accidents now and never poop accidents... the only time we have a poopie accident is if he goes during his sleep.. which thankfully when he sleeps he still wears a diaper LOL.

Dont stress about naps or bedtime. Some kids have bed wettings well into ages 4 and 5.
Not unheard of.

I hope this helps!
It be better to start this now than to wait til your new bundle comes... cause once he or she is here you wont be able to watch Rowan as much, you know?

and get some rest! Hope this helped.. email me w/ any questions.

anita said...

Well Stacey, Jorja likes to say "potty" but that's about it...and having had 2 boys close in age before...having both in diapers for a bit is NOT a big deal. If they're not ready to be trained (and you train per the previous post) will be exhausted. My boys were pee trained by 2.5 and by their 3rd bday...well, you know! ;)(this all just took a matter of days...not months!) Never an accident or a wet bed either...and I used pull ups for nite for about 2 weeks. Everyone has different experiences but you can drive yourself crazy expecting too much too soon. Jorja isn't ready yet and with her and Rowan so close in age...he might not be ready yet either. Hang in there.