Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Ode to Auntie Anna...

Rowan is becoming a busy little guy, and he LOVES to be outside, even though it's not that warm yet.  Thanks to my wonderful auntie Anna, he has a few great toys for outside.  (Her three boys have long outgrown them!!)  The first thing Rowan has enjoyed this spring is his little motercycle/tricycle thing.  It's definately not new anymore, it's been through a few boys!!  But, Rowan thinks it's great!  His feet don't reach the peddles yet, so he pushes with his feet.  He actually did that all the way to my parents house the other day!  This will be a treasured toy I'm sure!

~Rowan on our driveway

~Driving down the street!

The second thing that Rowan already enjoyed a lot last summer, was the little slide.  Yesterday, Keith took Rowan outside in the evening to let me sleep a little (thanks Keith!!)  and he took a few pictures of Rowan on his slide.

~Making funny faces!!

I know we have a few more things in our shed, just waiting for the nicer weather!  It's great to have people like my anutie Anna, who hand down toys.  Garage sales are great for that too.  I for one do not like spending a lot of money on toys.  So, this post is for you auntie Anna!!


Wendy said...

We had that same slide when Wesley was little! I wonder what ever happened to it? Hmmm...I will have to look into it!

Lindsey Dueck said...

Hand-me-downs are great! I am sure I will get lots when I have kids....Actually my auntie was trying to get me to take her crib home the other day so I could use it! I don't know if she was trying to hint at something or what, but I told her it would have to wait a while!

Jobina said...

We have the same slide! I'm so often amazed when I look around our house...almost everything has been handed down to us! I'm so thankful! Though, I must say, I won't say "no" to a good garage sale!

kowalsons said...

So glad to read what you wrote on Lindseys blog!! About switching meals around. Reminds me of a german "old-wives-tale/rhyme" my dad used to say:
(translated to english of course)
Fri-shtick fray-ta (pig out at breakfast)
Ma-duH ay-tah (eat lunch)
Ung-Kast Fi-yatuh (forget supper)

think that those gemans were up to somthing. Also sounds like my nutritionist and dietician "Eat nothing after 7pm"

Now--if only I could impliment all this and see the efects....:-)