Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pure Beauty and The New Food Guide

On Tuesday evening, I went to Olga's house for an awesome girls nite out!!  My good friend Rebecca invited this woman from Morden to come and show us her makeup, which she actually makes herself.  It's a pure mineral makeup, with no fillers or additives, so it's great for people with sensitive skin, like myself.  

We had sooo much fun!  Candace (the woman behind Pure Beauty) was the most humble and gentle person!  She was always open to what people had to say, and she didn't even come there to sell anything!  She didn't even bring anything along to sell!  She gave us all make-overs with her product, and Rebecca, who is a makeup artist, did our eye colour for us, using Candace's products as well.  It was amazing to see the difference in some of the women.  A few of them had trouble with rosacea (Spelling?) or just plain old red cheeks, which this makeup dramatically improved, without looking cakey.  I was really impressed with the simplicity and beauty of her product.

I'm not one to wear a lot of makeup, because my skin is sensitive, and I usually get a bit of a rash or irritation at the least from wearing it.  This stuff didn't give me any problems though!  I'll definately be buying it.  

Funny thing is, our husbands play in a football league together, and were even on the same team, and we had never met yet!

I'd encourage you all to check out Candace's website at  

Yesterday I got my NEW Canada's Food Guide in the mail (I ordered it online for free).  It's awesome!!  It's much more clear than the older version, with actual specific amounts per age group and gender.  It gives suggestions on what a serving is, and which choices are healthier and better for you.  You can get your own free copy by going to


Dianna said...

Stacey Thank you for viewing my blog. I commented back to you if u wanna go back and check. I wanted to know if I can add you to my list of bloggers that I check out? I love to meet new friends. By the way whereabouts do u live in Mb? I will check your blog this evening. Right now I have to go get supper ready for 64 people! Yes you read correctly!

Jobina said...

I checked out the Pure Beauty site and really liked it! I think it's so great that they have a really reasonably priced sample package. I may just have to try this sometime! Thanks for the link!

anita said...

Candace is a friend of mine! She is a real sweetheart. :) Her make-up is great...I've been using the foundation for a long time and now Shear Bliss will be carrying her stuff too! Small world huh?? :)

Stacey said...

No problem! I'll add you to mine too, if that's okay. I live right in southern Manitoba.

Definately check it out!

I had no idea you used this makeup! You always look so good too, so there's another plug for Candace!!