Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ultrasound Pics!! *Updated with 22 week pic*

Today was a MUCH better day so far.  I got those pesky dishes done (finally!!), and I got to go see my baby for the first time!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE ultrasounds!!  It's too bad they only do one per normal pregnancy here.  Anyway, I purchased my pictures, and I think my baby is super duper cute!!  The one picture looks like he/she is blowing bubbles or something!

With Rowan, and with this baby, I just feel so much more overwhelming love for my baby after the ultrasound.  To see that little one moving and squirming... sigh!!  Oh, and the tech also told me that the baby weighs 1.5 pounds.  Cool!!  Anyway, here's those pictures.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I am!!

See the 'bubbles in this picture?  It just looks like the babies cheeks are puffed out too!  Weird!

Here's what 22 weeks/5 months looks like!  I've definately 'rounded' out!!


Drea said...

awe how special. U look great! not much longer!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey!
You look awesome! Is that a new shirt? I can't wait to meet "baby"...she (or he!) will be a cutie, I can tell already!
Love ya,
PS - Love the new colors in the dining room...it looks so warm and cozy.

Michelle said...

Wow Stacey!
Those baby pics are incredible! Blowing bubbles eh? I am soo excited to meet my new neice or nephew...4 more months!.
You look absolutely beautiful in that shirt. Is it new?
See ya,

Stacey said...


~Alyssa & Michelle
Yup, I got a few new shirts at Old Navy last week. It feels good to wear something bright when it's so dreary outside!

Dayna said...

amazing pictures stacey!!! i mean, really, you're giving me (us) the chance to see a miracle before it's even born into the world... pretty amazing.. and the bubble blowing is pretty funny and oh-so-cute... your little miracle is already so talented! :)

and your belly picture... gorgeous! you look phenomenal!

love ya,

Andrea said...

I agree...I LOVE LOVE LOVE ultrasounds too! And this is so cute and funny that it looks like your baby is blowing bubbles! hehe...looks like he/she's having lots of fun in your tummy!

kowalsons said...

Hey Stacey, It has been a long time since I left you a cmment. LOVE your picture!! And the pic's of baby are great. Hope your well, we are doing good (super busy though b/c we are preparing for a trip back to Manitoba!!) :-)


Drea said...

Hey stacey let me know how u like those diapers u ordered... k? email me when u try them. I may order like 15 of them... instead of the bumgenius but I want to know how the work. maybe u can test one out with rowan.

Stacey said...

I will! I hope to order them in the coming week.