Monday, May 07, 2007

7 Random Facts and 1 Lesson

Arggg!!  I just finished this post, and then accidently erased it all!

Okay, I was tagged by Drea and Andrea to post 7 random facts and 1 lesson for you all.  Here goes AGAIN!

1. When I was 2 1/2 I climbed a ladder to our garage roof, and then fell head first onto our cement driveway!

2. I LOVE ice cream!  I eat it by the cereal bowl full!  Keith thinks I'm crazy, but just ask Andrea, it's even better when you eat it straight from the pail!

3. I love to sing.  I'm part of a worship team at our church that leads singing every three Sundays.  It's getting a bit harder to breath enough these days though!  When I was pregnant with Rowan I sang 4 days before he was born, and 1 1/2 weeks after !!  I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that this time though!

4. I have never let my finger nails grow long enough to look nice.  I have exzema, and scratch too much if I have longer nails.

5. The only person I ever dated was Keith.  We dated for a year and 
three months before we got engaged, and then we got married five months later.

6. I got married when I was 19, had Rowan when I was 21, and I'll have my second baby while I'm 23.  I plan to be finished having kids before I'm 30.  But, just ask Irene, sometimes it is not in our power to make that decision!!  Congrats to her and her husband Heinrich on the birth of their son, Jaden.  (I just got back from a baby shower at our church for him!)

7.  I have inherited the curse of vericose veins.  Yup, I cried when I noticed the first one while I was pregnant with Rowan.  Now that one is getting worse, and I've added some more.  My legs will never look nice again :(  All of you who made it through pregnancy without getting any vericose veins should feel extremely blessed.  They not only look ugly, they hurt too.

And, for my lesson of the day:

Learned this one from my sister Heather.  Apparantly a port-a-potty can be a nice place to be when it's cold and windy outside!!  It shelters you from the wind, and provides a little extra warmth from below :)

I just quickly want to add a little blurb about Rowan.  I heard his first sentece today!!  He said 'kick the ball'.  How cool is that!!  Then he also said 'blue ball', which I had also never heard before.  Here's a video of him saying both.


Drea said...

I love 2 sing 2! Ive sung for our church in the praise team before to back in ohio. i plan on singing in my old church here in NC w/ their choir.. their choir is so beautiful! hopefully sing solos 2... I love doing it... its a great way to minister to people without even talking to them personally.

Travis was really the only person I dated long term. I had a few boyfriends through high school but none of them lasted more than 3 months. Travis of course was my 1st love ;-) and he got a special part of me that no one ever did.

And I got married at 19 as well, had caleb at 21 and Taite at 23 LOL! freaky!!!

I plan on having kids past my 30's tho ;-) just because I dont think I want another one until im atleast 25 or 26... and I know I want atleast 4.. so ill have that one hopefully then, and then the next years later maybe at 31.

Bruce and Heather said...

What a great video!

Irene said...

Thanks Stacey.
I got married when I was 18 (2 months after I graduated), had Lea with 20, Noah with 22, Kian with 26, Marc with 27 and Jaden with 28. Life is full of suprises. We wanted 4 kids. Five is a little crazy, but I love it. At least I managed to be done with kids before I'm 30 ;-)

Stacey said...

Weird how much we are the same! I'm sure if we were to meet though, we'd find out that there's lot's of things that make us unique!! I guess with the kids thing, I want my kids to be close in age so they always have someone. If I waited for the next one, then I'd probably have a fourth close to it. But, then again, who knows what will happen! Only God!


You are an amazing mom!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys try out the port-a-potty on Sunday??? I never thought of that at the game! LOL

Stacey said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! And, yes, Heather 'had to go', so she checked it out. Not the cleanest place to be, but at least she was warm for a few minutes!!