Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baby Update

Yesterday I had a prenatal appointment with my wonderful Doctor.  Mostly we just had a good time visiting, she gave me my WhinRho shot (I'm RH negative), found the heartbeat, etc.

I asked her if she had my ultrasound results in yet, since last appointment they hadn't come yet.  She checked and said yes.  Then she told me that it said our baby has one enlarged kidney.  This means that I will have to have another ultrasound within the next 3-5 weeks, to check if it is still enlarged.  If it is, then they will do an ultrasound on the baby when it is born, to determine if it is still that way.  She said not to worry, that it's nothing life threatening, and that it won't mean any major problems in the future.  This child will just likely get bladder infections more easily.

So, that wasn't the nicest news to hear, but not terrible either.  You just always wish that things would be perfect I guess.  You know what's even harder?  My mom works at the clinic and has known this information for a while.  She's just not able to share ANYTHING!!  I feel bad for her.  It must be so hard to know something about your own grandchild that you can't say!

In other news, the heartrate was 144 this time... BOY!  This baby is sooo confused!  Now it's half and half.  I sure wish I had at least a feeling as to what it is.  With Rowan I was pretty sure it was a boy.  This time, I just don't know.  Only three more LONG months!!

Today I told somone that I had three months left, and she looked at me all shocked, like 'wow, you have a long time left, and you're so big already!'  She really didn't mean it in a rude way, but sometimes you just feel that way.  Thank you to all of you who say I'm still cute!  I like being pregnant, and having a baby tummy, but I don't like feeling like everyone is shocked at my size.  Why do we all struggle with this?  I know there are a few rare women who want to be just HUGE, but that's not me.  I want to be healthy, and I seem to be stuggling more with that this time than with Rowan.  Maybe it's all this blogging... I should get out more!  HAHA!

Enough of my rambling!  Go out and enjoy the beautiful day!


Walter & Mel said...

Kenna's heartbeat was all over the place as well. I had no clue what we were going to have, but it made it all the more exciting when she finally arrived!

Dianna said...

Hope everything turns out ok. Will keep you in my prayers.
I know how you feel about the "huge" in pregnancies. I always felt like an elephant! And felt like hiding in my house the last semester. But we aren't as big to other people as we see ourselves most of the time. For we are carrying something so precious and sacred! We should be proud of ourselves!!

Wendy said...

My son's kidney looked enlarged on his ultrasound also. At the follow up it looked fine! Hope that all goes well with you.

Gina said...

I think you look fabulous and cute!

Donna said...

You are cute!

I hope at the next ultrasound you find out everything looks perfet!

I just learned about Rh- and Rh+ mom/baby blood interchange in human Bio... I forget if there is a specific name (I should remember it was only a few weeks ago.)

Have a beautiful day!