Sunday, May 13, 2007

Since when is Mother's Day about husbands?

Okay, so the title of my post might sould a little strange, but this is what I've been thinking:  Why do some wives expect a big gift from their husbands for MOTHER'S day?  Hmmm... I always thought it was about getting those cute little homemade cards from your kids, and an extra hug.  Keith also must have thought about this a bit, because he commented after church that it just didn't make sense.  We have anniversary's and Valentine's Day for those special 'husband-wife' gifts.  Not to mention birthdays and Christmas.  Who decided that the husband should buy the wife a Mother's Day gift?

I applaud those husbands who help their children do something special for mom, but I don't think that we as wives and mothers should expect a thing from our husbands, beyond the normal everyday courtesies that they already show us. So, thanks Keith for understanding me!!

Anyway, I wish all of you moms, and those who wish to be moms, the best Mother's Day ever!  May God grant you the desire of your heart as you follow Him.  I big "I LOVE YOU!!" to my mom and my mother-in-law.  God sure has blessed me with two amazing women to be my moms!  I hope I keep learning from you both.


Margarita said...

No kidding...hum........hadn't thought about it that

Jobina said...

I really like that Mark always thanks me for being Mom to our kids. There are wives out there I'm sure who love being a wife, but do not love being a Mom to their kids. If having a wife who loves being a mom is important to a guy, hey, thank her! Thank her for the Mom she'll be someday (if you are looking forward to it). Some people say it with words, some with gifts. I like both, but not out of obligation and not big expensive stuff. Good on you and Keith for thinking about and agreeing on what works for you! Happy Mother's Day!

Stacey said...

I just read the post that Mark did for you, and it was sooo beautiful!! That kind of gift is totally not what I was talking about. That is so awesome! I was just a little confused by those moms who EXPECT a big gift, or a day with no 'work' or whatever. It's those unexpected things, like Mark's post, that can really make your day so much better! Thanks for bringing a little bit of clarity to my day!

Jobina said...

Totally true! Honestly, Mark and I just don't give each other big gifts as a norm. We try to give something thoughtful. I think a kiss, a hug and a "I'm so glad you are our kid's Mom, I love you" is the best gift a husband could give on Mother's Day!

Ellen said...

I guess for myself, I have always seen my father do something for my mom on mother's day so it has always seemed a natural thing. I do think that one should not expect a large gift on any holiday (gifts are for giving not recieving), but there is something to be said for those men that do not remember any holidays/anniversaries and need a bit of help remembering. As for husbands getting/doing something for their wives on mother's day.. I guess I see it as a husbands way to thank his wife for being a good mom to his children, wether it be words/actions or gifts.

Donna said...

I was just telling Josh that last night! I thanked him for all the extra effort he put forth in helping with the kids (it is nice to have somewhat of a break on mother's day!)

But I told him I wanted him to teach our kids how to show their appreciation to me. I didn't want to be the one to do this with them. I think he needs to get them involved in making cute cards or pick their brain on what something mommy might like. You know just get them thinking about how to show their appreciation, it can start on mother's day but then hopefully as they get older they will earn how to do this themselves on other days too.

Does this make sense??

Like I always talk to the kids about what we could get daddy or do for him, when I know he has ahad a bad day and on Father's day, etc. Something from their hearts, but they can't initiate it at this age yet.

But I agree, I think the jewelry store commercials on mother's day are dumb. Yeah go spend thousand sof dollars for your wife on mothers day, just doesn't seem right...I would accept it though=) LOL But yeah big gifts aren't necessary just thankfulness expressed!!

Stacey said...

Great thoughts everyone!!