Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The excitement is building!!!

It's getting down to the last days for my sister Heather's pregnancy!!  She's due next friday, and hoping to have this baby anytime.  It's been interesting to be pregnant at the same time.  Lot's of fun, but also a little hard, since this is my second pregnancy, and it is not going nearly as smooth as hers.  I think she feels better at 38 1/2 weeks than I do at 32 weeks!

One thing is for sure, she sure hides her baby well!!  Here she is, when she only had three weeks to go.  Can you believe that tiny belly?!

If you want to see pictures of her baby room, and her finished diapers, go check out her blog here.

I can't wait to be an auntie!!  Last summer was so exciting when Warren & Liane found out they were expecting.  I was finally going to be an auntie!! And then it was a horrible letdown and emotional hurt when they lost their precious baby.  Now I still catch myself thinking, what if something would happen to Heather's baby, or mine?  It's still possible, even though we've made it this far, to have something go wrong.  I just pray, knowing that God already knows what will happen.

Anyway, I keep waiting for that phone call, and praying that my litle sister will not have to go through too much pain to get that baby out!!  My original guess for the date of birth is tomorrow, so we'll see how far off I am!!  If it's not born tomorrow though, I change my guess to June 20.  That's exactly one month before Rowan turns 2, and it just sounds like a nice number!!  Anyone have any advice for her, to get this baby a little sooner?  I'm sure she's open to suggestions!!

I also look forward to the next two months, being pregnant at the same time as Liane.  I can't wait to see her belly grow, and to hear about all the little kicks and pokes!!  It will be so special for us all to have babies in the same year, within about 5 months of each other!!  All those little cousins to play with eachother!!

I know this post seems a little random and unorganized, but that's how my brain is right now.  I've been running on next to no sleep, and it's really starting to affect how I think and the things I do.  I'd give almost anything to sleep for more than 1 1/2 hours in a stretch.... maybe I'll try to have a nap now.


Ellen said...

it is very exciting!! I can't wait to be an auntie (with my side of the family) but I know it'll probably be a while yet :) the last while waiting for baby is so hard!! Hopefully her labor and delivery will be as smooth as her pregnancy was!!

Gina said...

Hey Stacey - I think it was you I saw at DJ's on Sunday - sorry I didn't say hi, I was not sure till you guys left, so I was not trying to be "unfriendly"! lol. That's gotta be special having babies all at the same time. I know I have some cousins that are the same age as me and we had so much fun growing up together. Hopefully you start to feel better in your last 8 weeks.

Jobina said...

I had just checked out Heather's blog yesterday and was amazed at how she suddenly popped out! In her initial pics she looked so tiny! It's great to have an easy first pregnancy, then you're not as scared to have more! If the second one is harder it makes you question if you want to do this again. The great thing is that you just never know! After a hard pregnancy, you may just turn around and have a great one. I hope you can get some sleep!

Dianna said...

Lots of excitements and anticapations for you in the near future. Enjoy!! lookin forward to enjoying it with you

Evan and Mel said...

Hey Stacy

I just happened to find your blog the other day. I have enjoyed readying it over the last couple days. Evan and I also have a blog. Feel free to check it out.
Mel Schellenberg