Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Phone Calls & Swimming Pools

Monday was such a super hot day that I decided it was time to buy Rowan a little pool.  So, we headed to the store and picked one out.  I filled it up when we got home, and then when he woke up from his nap, we headed outside to enjoy the cool water.

At first he wasn't interested in going in the pool, he just wanted to put his feet in.   Then Keith came home and he just put him in the pool!!  Then he spent the next 1/2 hour squirting me with a little frog bath toy!  I had to help him fill it up, so it didn't seem quite fair that I was the only one being squirted with cold water!!

Then, yesterday we had a first at our house.  I was busy making super, and I thought that Keith was in our room.  So, when the phone rang, and then stopped prompty, I figured that Keith got it.  NOPE!!  Keith came up the stairs a few minutes later.  I asked him about the phone, and he said he never even heard it!!  Guess who was talking on the phone with Grandma?!!  Yup, our silly little Rowan answered the phone.  He even started out with HI!  He thought it was so great, until it was time to say goodbye.  He wasn't too thrilled about that!


Tester said...
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Andrea said...

Okay, that is SO cute that Rowan answered the phone! haha :) Maybe when I phone you (yep, I got your message!) he'll answer for me too! hehe :)

Shanilie said...

That is exciting. I am sure Rowan is going to get a lot of use out of his pool this summer. I hope Jacob goes in his this year. Last year he just had fun getting in and out 2 seconds later lol.

Too sweet. Rowan's a big boy now answering the phone.

Enjoy the wonderful weather!

Drea said...

Your house looks cute from what little i see in pics :-) rowan looks like he had a blast w/ the water guns. Caleb loves his.