Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcome to the world...

Yesterday was a crazy busy, wonderful day!!  At about 3:45 in the morning, the phone rings, and it's Bruce telling me that I am now an auntie to a beautiful little girl!!  Talk about shocker!!  We were all convinced Heather would have a boy!  Not that I'm complaining though, she's just too cute!  I got a few pictures that aren't too great.  For some better ones, check out Bruce & Heather's blog, my parents blog, and Warren & Liane's blog.

Proud Mommy with a screaming baby!

My man practicing with his new niece!

Rowan 'holding' baby Selah

Here's the downlow:
Name: Selah Rae  (pronounced SAY-la)
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
Length: 20 1/2 inches
Time of Birth: 2:54 AM, June 28
Hair colour:  TONS of black hair!
Eye colour: Blue

Poor Heather was in labour for over 24 hours and will be trying to relax in the hospital til Saturday.  I hope all goes well!  I remember wanting to stay as long as possible.  I wasn't looking forward to being 'on my own' with the baby, with no nurses to help me!!

On a side note, here's a few pictures of Rowy's new blue room.  It's far from finished, but you get the idea of the colour!

The very blue room!


The Thiessens said...

Hey, you got some pics of the hair! :)

Since Rowan loves things "in the sky" so much (one of his favourite sayings)...I think he needs some clouds and an airplane in his room :)

Michelle said...

Ahhh! That's so exciting! Congratulations on being an auntie.It's alot of fun;)
Love Rowan's blue room!

Walter & Mel said...

That is a very bright blue - Rowan's sure to have some fun with that color! It makes me want to take time for some painting of Jolee & Kenna's rooms...

Congrats on the new niece. She looks so tiny in Keith's arms. It's amazing how big babies get in only a few short months. That picture makes my Kenna seem like a giant!

Ellen said...

congratz on becoming an auntie!! Those are the only pics I've seen so far with her hair - all I can say is wow!! I was surprised as well that it was a girl - she is so cute tho!! Also love the paint color, it's so vibrant!!

Gina said...

Awe, congrats. She is beautiful and WOW, she's got some hair there! I love Rowan's room, it sure is blue - I like the shade.

Donna said...

Babies are always fun. She is so cute with all that hair. My daughter's middle name is Rae also!!

Aunt Brenda said...

Stacey, congratulations on becoming an Aunt for the first time! Selah is a cutie. By the way Rowan's blue room looks great. Jordan has a blue room -- it's not a color I would have chosen for him at his age (on its own it seems a bit babyish) but it was the best shade of blue that goes with his duvet cover from IKEA. He has a bit of a solar system theme, except his duvet has a pattern of big squares. Did you know you can buy glow-in-the-dark paint? I saw it at Cdn Tire. I think it's clear paint. You can paint a pattern on the wall or ceiling or paint door knobs or anything and it will glow at night. I haven't actually tried it.

Lindsey Dueck said...

Gorgeous. I love all the hair! She is beautiful! I also love the color of Rowan's room. It looks great!

Drea said...

wow a lot of hair! at 1st im like "she had her baby!!!" meaning you haha.

So exciting you dont have long 2 go.
love the blue, i use to have a room that very same color!!!

Stam House said...

Yes talk about hair!!!! she is a cuite.

I found you trough Drea's blog, keep on posting and congratulation on your up comming baby!


melissa said...

I found your blog! now I'll put a link in my blog to yours, I hope you don't mind.