Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wishing for a sleepy night...

So, I did manage to catch a bit of a nap yesterday. And I slept okay, when I wasn't in the bathroom!! I tell you, 5 or 6 times a night just doesn't seem right. I don't remember things being this rough when I was pregnant with Rowan. Maybe I just conveiniently forgot!

I'm posting at my mom's house right now, so I don't have the pictures of Rowan's room, but just imagine a nice bright blue. Kind of like this. Rowan absolutely LOVES it! He keeps running to the room and saying, "Daddy, blue paint." He thinks its super cool that daddy did this for him!

This weekend is going to be busy, but a lot of fun. We (Keith & Me, and Warren & Liane) are taking the youth group on a retreat from Friday to Saturday. We'll be camping, so hopefully the weather will be good. So far the forecast looks decent. Let's hope it stays that way!! Keith and I will be leaving early, so we can make it to our friend Mark's wedding. It's so cool to see that he has found the woman of his dreams!! Can't wait to go. I even bought a new dress for the occasion! It's brown, and makes me feel not quite so huge! I'll post a picture of us when we're all spiffied up!!

Tomorrow will be an awesome day too, because Jon & Andrea are coming to visit!! Horray!! It's been way too long since they came (and she got me totally interested in babywearing!!) The last time we saw them was just after Christmas! Tate will have changed like crazy since then! I just read on Andrea's blog that he's crawling now!! Watch out!

I've been reading this book lately, called "Created to be his Help Meet". It's been so inspiring for me, to try to be the godly wife that I was intended to be. When I first started reading, I will admit, it was easy to get defensive, and think that it just wasn't fair, all the expectations of a godly wife. But then I realized that it was because I knew that the book was right, and that my mind was so stuck on MYSELF that I couldn't accept what I was reading. I would encourage all of you to check it out at

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my colourful post, and I'll try to get those pictures on here soon!


Andrea said...

yep, we're coming TODAYYYYY!!! and I am SO totally pumped and excited, I can barely sit still! haha :) See you soon!!!!

sheila said...

Interesting bit of info here. I ws talking to an uncle of mine who lives in Yorkton the other day. He came out for my step-grandfather's funeral. Anyways, I asked him if he knew Johanthan and Andrea Yanke. Sure he did. Apparently they sang in quartet together not long ago. Small world.

On the pregnancy topic - no two pregnancies are the same. A woman should never expect to sail through all of her pregnancies, if life could be so easy!

The Thiessens said...

It's so adorable how Rowan runs to show people his new room.
Glad you could enjoy some time with Jon & Andrea too. :)

Mark said...

Hi Stacey, hope your weekend went well. I'm curious to know what about that book made you feel defensive; was it the fact that women are supposed to find their purpose in helping men? There might be a good reason why that makes you feel uncomfortable . . . but I digress. Ever since taking my gender issues course, I'm a little sensitive to the gender roles thing! Say hi to Keith for me,

Mark said...

I wasn't sure where to respond to your thoughts, so I did it on my blog!