Monday, July 09, 2007

Baby Update

So I just got back from my ultrasound appointment.  After waiting an hour, I finally got in, and thank goodness I got good news!  The baby is NOT breech!  Not sure if it turned, or maybe my Dr. was having trouble distinguishing between bum & head, but I'm just so thankful that this little head is down!!

I did, however, learn that my baby is going to be HUGE!!  It already weighs 7 lbs 4 oz, and I have 4 whole weeks left for it to grow!  That means that right now my baby is just a few ounces lighter than little Selah, who is 11 days old!!  (I was figuring that this baby might be big... I feel like it's bigger than Rowan) Yikes.  I hope this one comes early.

Next week I will find out if the baby's kidneys are okay.  After I know that knews, then the waiting begins!  Thanks to everyone who was praying that this baby would turn.  It's so nice to have the encouragement of friends.

Oh, and to those who are wondering, Rowan slept in his new room for the past two nights!  He's been a super good boy, not getting out of his bed or anything!  He has fallen out 3 times though.  I'm sure he'll figure out how to stay in soon enough!  I'll post some pictures once we have all his furniture moved in.


Dan & Laura said...

Hey Stacey - it's fun reading your blog especially since we're only a week apart! I just had my 3rd ultrasound 2 weeks ago to make sure the baby had flipped from the breech position (it did). I don't know why they worry about it this early...I've read that the baby can still flip as late as 37 weeks. Hopefully your baby's kidneys are okay...I'll pray everything's good.

You're looking great! Have a super day :)

Dan & Laura said...

I forgot to mention I love your pregnancy ticker on your blog! I hope you don't mind I stuck one of those on our blog too. How cool!

Walter & Mel said...

Great news! And I too hope that your baby comes earlier!

Ellen said...

that's wonderful news that the baby is in position! now all u need is the same good news about the kidneys :) how big was Rowan when he was born? i love Rowan's new room - that's good that he is doing well with that new change! it's hard to believe that the time is getting shorter and really baby could come any time :)

Stam House said...

4 weeks wow time fly by, soon you'll have this bundlde on love in your ams!