Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do I dare try again?

Okay, so I'm going to attempt my post again.  I still can't believe it got deleted!!

First of all, the reason for the title 'silly me' was for a stupid mistake I made this morning.  I showed up at the clinic thinking that today was my prenatal appointment, but found out that it's really tomorrow!!  How stupid!  At least I didn't miss it altogether.  That would suck.  I've been so patient, waiting for my ultrasound results, until now.  Now that I was expecting to get them today, I can HARDLY wait until tomorrow!  Seems like a long way away.

I have a funny story to share from this weekend though.  Keith and I laughed for a looong time about this!  We had a great time with Keith's family, and even got to stay an extra night.  We came home on Monday.  On our way home we had to stop in Winnipeg for some parts for the mill (where Keith works).  So, Keith knew Rowan would be waking up any minute.  He turned up the music a bit, and the song had a good beat.  I looked back to see how Rowan was, if he was waking up or not.  I see him, eyes still closed, slowly bopping his head to the beat.  Then he gets more into it, and he starts air-drumming, still with his eyes closed.  Then he opens his eyes with a huge smile, drumming away in the air!!  It was so cute, I wish we would have had the camera along, or better yet, a video camera!!  He is such a little character, always making things into drumsticks, or a guitar.  I see many musical things for him in the future!!

Yesterday we had a baby shower for Heather & Selah.  It was suposed to be a surprise, and I was suposed to think of a way to get her to my parents house.  Only thing was, she was suposed to go to Bible Study with Bruce, and she was determined that she should go!  It took a lot of convincing, and a final ploy by my mom, to finally get her to go!  In the end, she was surprised, and we had a great time.  Oh the cute things you can find for girls these days...

You may have noticed that I did a few sponsored posts today.  These are for a site called  I have signed up for this, simply to make a few extra $$ a week.  I will be payed $5 per post, so what I did today is already $15!  I don't want you all to get bored with my blog though, so I'll make sure I do a 'real' post every time that I do some ads.  Who wants to just read ads anyway?  I think it's cool though, that these ads are just a few words for the link, and then I can just post a related story to go with it.  Makes it a bit more interesting.

I want to say a huge thankyou to mumsthewurd.  I recently won a contests through this blog, and I'm so excited to get my prize!!  I won two tees from little showoffs.  These are the ones I picked (the 'why?' tee will be in a boys style though!):

Here are a few more contests to check out:

First of all, a $50 gift certificate for Kangradoodle!  You find all the details for this over at adventuresinbabywearing.  This contest ends tonight I think, so get in quick!!  You can also check our for great reviews and contests.  This site is updated every day with cool products to check out.  

Drea is also having another contest.  After not winning the Blessed Baby contest, I just have to try again, this time for some skidpants from  These are similar to babylegs, but they come in different colours and patterns.  They also have some that are more lightweight, for summer.  I love the strawberry shortcake ones, as well as loving you, and posh.

I hope you all have a great day, and check back tomorrow for an update on baby.  I really hope that his/her kidneys are okay.


Anonymous said...

Your blog has more ads than a magazine in a doctors office. Boring.

Ellen said...

That's cool that you can make a few xtra $$ - I'm thinking of possibly starting into Signature HomeStyle for some extra money - after baby anyway.. haha that's funny about ur appointment, I actually did sorta the same thing - I showed up at 9:00am instead of 3pm :) hopefully everything will be alright with babe! I go to my appointments everytime hoping that baby has turned... no such luck yet :)

Stacey said...

I have three whole ads on my blog. And you don't have to read them if you don't want to. If you hadn't noticed, I also have a 'normal' post, and I plan on doing MORE of those than I used to, so if you feel you don't want to read this anymore, then don't. Why can't rude people ever post their names?

I figure $5 for a few minutes of my time is pretty good! And if this gets me posting more of my own posts too, then that's great!
You've still got a bit of time for your baby to turn!

Stam House said...

Blame it on the hormone, i got away with a lot of thing with it, Like putting our milk in the laundry basket, don't aks me how I manage that or where was my head, i just blamed it on pregnancy hormone!!!! ha ha ha

Sharon said...

I love that "why" shirt! Oh boy, I think I need to buy that for my 3 year old. He asks that ALL DAY LONG!!! lol.

Stam House said...

You are right we do not need to have all personal post,
Some of us are very blessed to be SAHM but we also want to buy stuff so a little work on cumputer never hurt anybody

Walter & Mel said...

That's hilarious that Rowan was air drumming! He's going to have to pester his uncle for lessons.