Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Rowan Seth Friesen is 2 years old!!  Happy Birthday buddy!
(I started this post yesterday, so it appears to be dated for the 19th.  Sorry about that!)

Here he is, all 8 lbs, 0.8 oz!

Our first family picture.

So precious...

He has such big hands!

First Birthday, celebrated at Hatzic Lake with Uncle Bob & Auntie Monika and their family.

Also on our vacation to BC... on the ferry to the island

And of course, with mommy in the pool!

Rowan had a blast yesterday on this tire swing at my Uncle Paul & Auntie Juanita's house.

Here he is, with his birthday cupcake!

Blowing out the candles... he actually did it by himself!  Usually he just sucks in air when he is supposed to blow on something!

Mmmmm... yummy!

And, of course, a party isn't a party without hats... leave it to my brother to think of this!

Today I'm off to get my house ready for Keith's sister, Alyssa, who will be staying with us for the next week!  I'm so excited that she's coming.  She's just finished he first year of an accelerated nursing course, and wants to spend some of her vacation time with us.


The Thiessens said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE!!!! We love you SOOOOOO much. See you later :)

Nana & Papa

Walter & Mel said...

Happy Birthda Rowan! It's neat to look at the pictures from birth till now. Kids just grow up too fast, I tell ya!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Rowan! I love you like crazy!Hope you have very special day. Make sure you bug Auntie Lyssa for me:)
~Auntie Michelle

aunt Monika said...

Happy birthday Rowan. I see that this year's cake is a little more size appropriate for you. And this year you went straight to eating the cake instead of playing with it. You have sure grown up!

Stam House said...

love the picture they are sweet, happy Bday!!!

Jobina said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! You sure are growing up fast!

A Christmas Miracle said...
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Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Tiger!!!

Uncle Wown & Auntie Nan

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Those pics were great! Aw- what a sweet baby!


Andrea said...

Aw!! Happy B-day to the cutest 2 yr. old ever!! :) And hahahahaha...that picture of Warren is SOOOO funny. I laughed for a long time...actually, I'm still laughing (imagine that, huh?!?!) haha ;)

Drea said...

aweee happy bday rowan! so special. I cant believe Caleb turns 3 in less than 2 months.