Wednesday, July 25, 2007


These are some pictures from Friday til today.

Aren't we so cute!  Relaxing on the swing on Rowan's birthday.

Rowan sitting at the picnic table waiting for his birthday cake.

We went with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, due to the extreme heat, it was wonderful!!

Blowing bubbles!

Trying out the sidewalk chalk from Bruce & Heather.

Auntie Alyssa blowing bubbles.

And, of course, this is what Rowan can be found doing almost all day!  Between his homemade guitar from grandpa, and his drumsticks, this kid is NEVER quiet... our poor newborn will have to get used to this!


Mom said...

Great pictures!!
Oh, and I think your baby is already used to the music from Big Brother :) Can't wait to meet the newest 'band' member!!!

Ellen said...

love the pics!! and I agree with ur mom, baby is probably used to all the noise :) I can't believe that ur basically ready to have this baby!! cuz that means only a little over a month for me!! hope things go smoothly for you and make sure someone posts about it - can't wait to meet little one

Michelle said...


Walter & Mel said...

Hey Stacey - how are you handling the extreme heat this week?

Stacey said...

Let's just say central air is the only way to go! I've pretty much holed up inside the past week!

Drea said...

awee... love the pics. you look so adorable pregnant. Rowan is raelly growing! wait til the babies born, he'll look huge! I will answer your email tonight, k? :-D Travis is gone til monday so ive been busy