Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The waiting game...

Since Friday night, Keith's sister Alyssa has been staying with us.  It has been so good to have her here!  She came so she could help me do whatever I need to do, and so I could relax a bit before this baby comes.  Now THAT is a great thing!  I think until today she was wondering if I would actually relax a bit.  Yesterday was a really busy day!  We washed my couches, washed the bathroom walls and ceiling, and mopped the floor.  (The couches look a million times better now!)  Today though, I feel like I have nothing important to do, and I'm just going to try and relax a bit.

Here's Alyssa & Rowan when were at Mom & Dad's church last weekend

Is anyone else in Manitoba as determined as me to just stay inside this week?  It's absolutely sweltering outside!  I yesterday must have been 100% humidity and the highest temp I saw was 37 degrees I think!  (98 degrees for my American friends.)

On Saturday Alyssa had filled Rowan's pool, and covered it with plastic so it would warm up quickly.  By Sunday afternoon it was like a hot tub!  Crazy... I'm so grateful for air conditioning!

Just a little shout out to my hubby today.  On Thursday is our 4th anniversary.  I can't believe it's already been 4 years!  I love you Keith!

We haven't been very good at celebrating our anniversary in the last couple years.  Two years ago we completely forgot, because I was only home from the hospital for a few days after Rowan was born.  I think we brought Rowan to my parents house for a few hours so I could sleep! Woohooo!  Then last year we were on vacation with my siblings on our anniversary, so we basically went out for supper together.  Now this year is the whole baby thing again.  Not sure when it's going to come, so I have no idea what we will plan for Thursday!  (In case you were wondering, Rowan was 8 days early, so there is a possiblity that this baby could come any time now!)

Anyone out there want to guess when this baby will be born?  Or whether it's a boy or girl?  Just leave a comment with your best guess!

Sorry about the lack of pictures.  Keith took the camera to work today.  He said he's had a few great photo opportunities that he's missed lately, since I usually have the camera at home.  He got to pull the Bobcat out of the mud with his truck, which he thought would have made a great picture!

Hopefully the next time I'll be posting, it will be pictures of our new baby!


Jobina said...

ok, #1...Alyssa, your hair looks AWESOME long!!!!
#2...I'm going to guess girl, 6 days early, 9lbs 10oz, 22 inches long
#3...Happy Anniversary!!! I say, just plan to go out for dinner anyway and bring your overnight bag along! At least you'll be out, together, with the car!
Enjoy your AC!

Michelle said...

my guess is a boy on july 27 weighing 8lb, 5oz...and i won't even guess on the length 'cause i don't know what is normal/abnormal (I haven't got that far in A&P yet:). Make sure you take it easy while you can! See-ya soon

Gina said...

Oh Stacey, I feel so sorry for you in this heat!! I can barely stand it now and I can't imagine what it would be like being nine months pregnant! Hope you are staying cool. My office at work does not have AC and it is horrible! Thankfully it should be in this week sometime.
Happy Anniversary.
I am thinking you will have a girl on July 27 7lbs 10 oz.

The Thiessens said...

Well, I'm thinking you're having a girl, but I was totally wrong with Heather wasn't I :)
I'll still say girl, 8 lbs, 6 oz.
Dad says a boy, 7 lbs, 14 oz...and, his name will be Orlando! He says JK on the name.
Dustin says a boy, 8 lbs, 7.8 oz.
How's that for variety.

Bruce and Heather said...

Well, my guess will be...
July 25, girl, 9 lbs.

Sheila said...

My guess is a girl. 8 lb, 3 oz, and 21 1/2 inches long. I predict the baby will be born on Aug.2.
I know you're hoping to have this baby before that, and I sure hope you do!

Drea said...

GIRL!!! Although a byo would be good 2....
I dont know many people who have girls right now, so that be nice. Although... ok im wrestling here. BOY!!!! :-D

Ellen said...

I'm gonna say boy, Aug 1, 8 lbs 9 oz, 21 inches long.. altho for your sake I also hope baby comes a little earlier - would probably be nice :) That's awesome that that ur sister came out to help you!! I wish I would be that lucky but my only sister in law that might is moving at the time I'm due :) enjoy your last few days!

Erin said...

Hey girlie! I keep checkin' in to see if there is a baby yet! I've thought from the start that it was going to be a girl!!! I think maybe you will have baby next Wednesday, and SHE will weigh in around 7 and a half pounds!!! Can't wait to see the post about the new addition! I'm praying for u these last few weeks

Stacey said...

~Thanks everyone for your guesses! So far nothing... so I hope I won't dissapoint EVERYONE! I'm so hoping for today... but we'll see.