Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beautiful Weather

We've had gorgeous weather the past few days, and I'm just loving it!  Temperatures of 20-25 degrees and a nice cool breeze.  Perfect!  Heather and I have gone for nice long walks the past two days, and it feels so good!  It is a bit tricky putting both kids in a sigle stroller though, especially since Rowan is no small 2 year old!  30+ pounds on the front of my stroller makes for awkward corners!  I would have taken some pictures today, but Keith took the camera with him.  He's in the US today, close to Grand Forks.  There is another soybean plant there that they are checking out.

We're leaving this weekend to spend some time with Keith's family.  So, from Friday til sometime next week (wed or thurs I think), I won't be able to blog.  Hope you won't miss me too much!

Here's a few contests to chech out while I'm gone!

Drea is giving away a huge prize pack from Playskool, worth $75!  You have to have a US address to ship this one to, so don't enter if you can't get it shipped to you!  I love the sippy cups that they have, as well as the teething toys.  Thanks Drea and Playskool for offering such an amazing contest!

Steph is also having a great contest, for the very Peekaboo pouch sling that I wanted from Baby Dagny!  I never did buy it, so I'm hoping to win it now!  Baby Dagny has super cool baby gear, including the Wubbanub pacifier (which is the only soother for Bria, by the way!).  Check out their site for the end of their 75% off sale!  There may still be a few things left.

Hope you'll all have a great week.  I will try and check in again tomorrow, but no promises!  Lot's of laundry and things to do before we leave!


Ellen said...

hey gurl!! you are lucky that you have such nice weather!! we have been getting mostly rain or really overcast.. so how do you get both in/on the stroller? enjoy your time away! (and the help with the kids)

Michelle said...

yaay!!! Can't wait to see you all again:) I bet Bria's grown alot since i saw her last. Should be a fun weekend. See ya soon!

Stacey said...

I recline it all the way, put Bria in the back, and Rowan sits in the very front. I have an old stroller though, so I don't know how that would work with a new one.

Yup, it's going to be fun! And yes, I'm sure Bria will look a lot bigger now!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering!


mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

Are you serious its 20-25 degrees? Wait is the F or C? I'm confused! lol

Its over 100 degrees here in NC!! eww!

Jay Boaz said...

How long are you guys out for Stacey? I'm gone for the week-end but if you're out past Sunday I'd love to see you guys (I'm living in Mennville now if you haven't heard)

Jay Boaz

Stacey said...

20-25C is 68-77F. Comfy cool weather.

We'll be out til Wednesday I think, so we should be able to get together!