Saturday, August 04, 2007

Little Showoffs, Rosie Toesies and Bria Marynn

This week I received two packages in the mail, both of which I have really been looking forward to!  The first one was from Little Showoffs, and was the two t-shirts that I won from mumsthewurd.  They are every bit as cute in real life as on their website!!  Rowan's 'why?' t-shirt is a bit big, but it's so perfect!  So far he hasn't started asking why, but I'm sure that's not too far away...

As for the 'Rock Star' onesie, maybe if I knew I was having a girl I would've picked a different saying, but it's just way too cute anyway!!  Bria may just be another little rocker chick one day, like her big brother Rowan.  He seriously should be the one wearing 'rock star'!  

Thanks so much to mumsthewurd, and little showoffs for this great prize!

Okay, the second package I got in the mail was from Rosie Toesies.  I bought one pair of squeaky shoes from them, and was lucky enough to be one of the five people who received a FREE pair, from the 'contest' on Drea's blog.  They are absolutely adorable, and I'm so glad that I now have a GIRL who can wear them!!  (I was planning on giving them to my sister for Selah if I had a boy)  I can't wait til she's big enough to wear these shoes!  Thanks Rosie Toesies for some super cuteness!!

Both pairs of shoes

The free shoes ~ I didn't lace them yet!

The shoes I ordered

Close-up of the flower

Okay, so some of you are probably wondering about Bria's name, how to pronounce it, and why we chose it.  We chose Bria, because it's so pretty, and so far I haven't heard of any babies around here with that name, so I knew she wouldn't be 'one of the million' in her school!  Seriously, I just really love that name, and we've been saving it since we had Rowan (and he's obviously NOT a girl!!)  I'm sure you all know how to pronounce Bria (Bree -ah), but Marynn is probably a bit more confusing.  Here's the story behind the name:

When Keith and I attended Nipawin Bible College, we went to an Alliance church in town.  There was this adorable little girl there, and me being a girl, I was just taken by her (you know how much  we all love babies!)  Anyway, I never actually met her parents, but I did look at the church's baby mural on the wall, with pictures and names of the babies.  Her name was Marin.  I never knew how to pronounce it either, so I 'made up' my own pronunciation of 'Mah-rin' (emphasis on second sylable).

When we were expecting Rowan, I decided that we HAD to use this name if it was a girl.  The only problem was that I figured that no one would know how we wanted it to be pronounced.  So, it became the second name, and I tried to come up with a spelling that would most reflect how we wanted to say it.  Hence, Marynn, with two n's, so you get that it sounds like 'Lynn' at the end (with and r instead of l!)  Okay, so now that I totally confused you all, here's a little video that I took of our angel, and I say her name for you!


Drea said...

we have that same blankie with the duck :-) and those shoes are so cute!!!

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

I'm so glad you got the shoes...and HAPPENED to have a little girl! ;-D

Of course she can be a rock star!!!! (Terri is 1/2 rockstar...1/2 pretty princess!!!)

Evan and Mel said...

She is so cute, congratulations on her arrival.
I hope life at home is going as smooth as possible.

Mom and Dad said...

Hey, thanks for posting more pictures for us to enjoy while we're out here.
Mom & Dad

Andrea said...

Bria is so cute...and yeah, like I said before, I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!! :) It's so pretty. Oh yeah...and I'm sure if Rowan has anything to say about it, he'll have her playing drums and being a rock star in no time! haha ;)

Ellen said...

Those shoes and shirts you got are so cute! I love the names too, I just wasn't sure how to pronounce the middle name, if it was 'may-rin' or 'mah-rin' but it fits her perfectly.. I have the hardest time trying to figure out a complete name that all fits together :) enjoy & hope bria is sleeping well!

Donna said...

She is beautiful! And so is her name!