Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We're Home!!

As you've probably already read on my Mom's blog, or my brother Warren's blog, our little bundle has arrived!

Bria Marynn Friesen

8 lbs 2.2 oz  21 1/2 inches long!
(3693 gm  54.5 cm long)
3:20 pm July 30, 2007

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to my Doctor, don't know if she ever reads this, but she was like my angel!!  I just felt that everything would be okay when she walked in the door!

A second thank you goes to Heather for her very awesome words of wisdom.  I read that email over and over again in my head while I wondered if I could handle any more pain!  It was amazing how I could find a calm place in the craziness that is childbirth!

**Keep reading only if you want to hear the 'birth story'!**
~ Pictures posted below~

Sunday night I woke up many many times during the night, wondering if I was having contractions, but then realizing that it was just my bladder feeling cramped and full!  Monday morning I had what felt like slight 'period cramps', and I wondered again if this was going to be the day.  Around 11:30 am I walked over to my parents house to return something I had borrowed.  

By about 11:45 I started to feel contractions, so I walked home to make some lunch.  While we were eating, I actually had to stop and wait for the contractions to pass, and then I realized that they were only 2 minutes apart!  We quickly finished eating and hopped into the truck and headed to the hospital.  We got there shortly after 1:00.

The nurse hooked me up to the monitors right away, and then checked to see how far dilated I was.  She suprised me by saying I was already 7 cm!!  They didn't have a room ready for me right away, so I waited in the non-stress test room for a while.  When the nurse came back, she said that they called my Dr, and that she said she couldn't come right away (to possibly break my water), so either I had to wait for her to come when I was ready to deliver, or some other Dr could come break my water.  Thankfully no Dr came, because my Dr made it to the hospital when I was already fully dilated!

The whole time I was in my room waiting, the contractions got closer and closer, until they were one on top of the other, and with no time for anything else, I just had the gas mask.  By 3:05 or so, my Dr broke my water, and then it was instantly 'time to push'!!  I never had that urge with Rowan, because I was so doped up on Demerol (that labour also went faster than expected!), so I hadn't been sure of what to expect, but boy is that ever a strong feeling!  I pushed about 10 minutes, and that was it!  First, they realized that the cord was wrapped around her poor little neck twice, and her face was VERY purple.  But as soon as they got the cord off, she cried right away.    And then they said, 'it's a girl!!'  I was SO shocked!!  I had been hoping for a girl, but I was pretty sure I would have another boy.  What a weird feeling!

Despite the extreme pain of labour (which many of you know all too well!), I am feeling great now, and I'm happy to be home today.  I had the option of staying one more day, but decided that my bed sounded much more appealing.  I have the feeling that this recovery will be far easier than it was after Rowan.  I have hardly any pain (except for those dreaded nursing nipples!) and I'm just so relieved to be 'un-pregnant'!

Here's a few pictures for you all to enjoy.

~Minutes before leaving for the hospital (holding my 4th anniversary roses)

~ We had to get a picture on the scale, since we had one for Rowan!  The first time they weighed her, something was wrong with the scale, and it said 6 lbs 6 oz!  She looked a little too big for that.

~Trying out her wubbanub - she still won't take any soother.

~Eyes wide open for daddy!

~Look at my cute little family!

~I shocked my dad real good when I called him from the hospital!

~Great Grandma holding the little bundle

~ My cousing Elieshia stayed in Manitoba long enough to meet little Bria

~ Proud Grandma!

~ And here's the little angel this morning, just before we went home!


Ellen said...

Congratz on your new baby girl!! she's adorable!! wow what an amazing labor/delivery story!! I hope mine goes that well!! :) but my stubborn little one still has not turned! I love the name you picked out for her.. by the way how do you pronouce her middle name? wishing you all the best! (and some sleep!)

Gina said...

Awe. She is precious. I love the last picture. And wow, what a quick labour I am sure that is every woman's dream! Hope you guys are doing well and that you are able to get some sleep these first nights at home.

Erin said...

Love this post, and I'm so happy that your labor went quickly (also maybe a LITTLE jealous...hee hee!) She is such a little doll...I KNEW IT!!! I hope that you will find having a daughter as much as a blessing as I have!!! Sometimes I just wanna put dresses on Noah too, but I guess I can't!!! Hope your recovery goes very quickly, and good luck with nursing! I look so forward to hearing about the days to come with beautiful little Bria (beautiful name by the way!) I'm curious too about clothes for her...did you have to run out and buy a bunch of stuff since you weren't sure what you were having, or do you now get to go on lots of fun filled shopping trips for little girl clothes???

Donna said...

Congrats!! A girl! How fun. She looks so cute in her coming home outfit!!

Walter & Mel said...

Wow! That labour was fast! Congratulations again! What a cutie! And you get to buy girlie clothes! What fun!

Walter & Mel said...

Sorry, I realized that I put a lot of exclamation points in that last comment, but I'm just so excited!!!!! :)

Susanna said...

She is just adorable and beautiful. Congrats to you and Keith!

Lindsey Dueck said...

She is so beautiful! Congrats again. I love the pictures. How exciting to have a baby girl, the clothes you get to buy are so much cuter than little boy's, and more selection.(Not that it's all that is good about a girl, just a bonus i guess. Good to hear everything went really well. I want one now...

DavenHeather said...

stacey i was so happy to read your post about your beautiful although quick experience.. i have been waiting to hear and did actually sneak a peak at your families blogs to check :) i love the name you chose so beautiful and those photos of her are adorable. glad you can cherish this time and yes you have an adorable family. enjoy it. can't wait to see her in person. thinking of you.

Andrea said...

Awwww!!! I am SOOOOO excited for you!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Bria...but don't worry, I won't steal the name if I ever have a girl. :) haha...anyways, she is adorable, and I'm glad everything went A-OK for I can hardly wait to come and visit again and meet your DARLING little Bria! :)

Sarah said...

Congrats Keith and Stacy!She looks beautiful! Enjoy these first days with her.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Keith and Stacey! Hope you have fun with your new little girl!


Stam House said...

Congratulation, love the pitures!!!!

Mark said...

Hey Guys, congratulations! I'm happy for you. Now you have a "balanced" family like us (1 boy, 1 girl). Hope you are getting some sleep at night. Take care!

aunt Monika said...

Congrats Keith and Stacey! What an adorable little girl. God bless your family.

anita said...

congratulations guys!!! :) so happy for you. love her name. sorry i didn't make it to the hospital but i didn't hear the news til it was too late to visit! :( we'll definitely have to stop in one of these days!!!

Brandi said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby

Jobina said...

Congrats Stacey and Keith and Rowan! She's such a beautiful little bundle! I just love the take home outfit too, with the little hat! Enjoy your "perfect" family!

Drea said...

awee how special! I love her name... and your glowing! ugh I want another!!! lol I love babies.

Doesnt rowan feel giagantic now! I remember crying because Caleb looked so big to me. I wanted him to slow down growing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Bria is beautiful. I'm glad the delivery went well. God bless,
Aunt Brenda

Jay Boaz said...

Congrats on the newest addition to the Friesen household!

Jay Boaz

Adventures In Babywearing said...

SO precious!!! What a great story and such a beautiful happy ending... or rather beginning! I love the name! Congrats to you, Mama!


Rayna said...

Stacey - I have comented on your blog before, but just wanted to say once again that I am a friend of Jobina's. I have been keeping up with your blog, as I was so excited for you about this new baby - I love babies and the whole pregnancy story. Anyways, we were gone on holidays and this is the first time I have been able to read your blog since. Congratulations on the addition of Bria to your family. She is a little beauty! I know you all are probably enjoying her a lot! COngrats again!