Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And life goes on

Why is it that is seems like as soon as you think you have a few minutes for a shower (meaning that the baby is finally sleeping), you barely get out of the shower and the baby is crying again?  Today I put Bria down for a nap, and I desperately needed a shower (didn't get to yesterday).  She hardly slept, and I came out of the shower to hear her crying!  Then, the next time she fell asleep, I had barely enough time to finish washing the dishes!

I don't know about you, but I used to be a very relaxed person.  I would get up at least an hour before I had to go anywhere.  I had lots of time to make sure that I was ready to go, and not late for anything!  So long to those care free days!  My neck is always so tense now that I get nasty headaches some days.  I really need to loosen up, and not just physically.  I tend to take things way too seriously these days.

I think I know why... I haven't been spending time with God like I need to.  I can totally tell the difference in myself when I take some time out of my day to read my Bible, talk to God, sing a praise song, or just sit back and thank God for the good things in my life.

Yesterday I was reading Mel's blog, and I just really knew what she meant.  She was saying how she felt like a failure as a mom, wife, and a Christian.  It's so easy for me to head down that road.  I've come to realize that all of these things take hard work and commitment, something that I'm struggling to make a reality in my own life.

I was also thinking yesterday that I need to have more of a routine to my day.  Sometimes I feel like I don't take enough time for my kids, and especially for Keith.  I have a hard time relaxing and not worrying about things that need to get done.  Yup, I can be one of those people who sits and worries, without getting up to do something about it!  So, if I had some sort of a schedule, I might be able to get more done, and then I could relax with my family.

I hope that this made sense, and didn't sound like a bunch of rambling!  I hope to post some more pictures in the next few days.


Liane said...

I kinda know how you feel! I don't have two kids to run after, but lately I can't get myself motivated.
And my pregnancy hormones are going crazy so I worry and cry easy. I feel like I always just do the "basic" things and can't do what I would really like to get done, because I'm always tired and hurting (like I did 2 years ago)
And then I feel like I'm failing!

Thinking of you and praying for you! You're not alone!

Aunt Sheila said...

You are not alone. I was a very uptight mom when the kids were much smaller. But then they grow up! And today, all my boys, for the very first time ever, were all out of the house in school, and I'm telling you, the house was deathly silent! It was too eerie for my liking, so I spent the day in town just bumming around. Each stage of life brings it's own joys and down moments. It will get easier. May feel like the tough times are forever, I thought that too, but it will go by quickly.

Walter & Mel said...

It's so easy to get discouraged and feel down, eh? Well, the routine idea is a good one. I hope that you can find something that suits your daily schedule.

I heard of a mom who had a certain routine of cleaning up after breakfast and getting the kids busy with some sort of playtime, then making herself some tea and sitting in "her" chair where she took time to pray and do her devotions. The kids associated that chair with her attitude. If she spent time in it, they had a better day than if she skipped out on her time with God. They were to the point of guiding her to the chair when she was having a bad day! I've often thought of buying an old but comfy chair at MCC and making it my own, placing it in the living room and having it be a daily reminder to spend time in God's Word. Seems wierd, I know - but I need some pretty BIG reminders to spend time with Him! Prayin' for you!

Drea said...

its really hard to find time to pray and read the word when a new baby comes. im still struggling now and taites 8 months!

the few times I do have to myself when they both sleep im usually catching up on things or wanting to relax! seems like if I read to much i sleep which ends up being bad because as soon as I sleep taites up.

hang in there... ur not alone

Stam House said...

Life with new born is fun but also time consuming!!!! I just now 4 month after Rebekah birth able to say I'm finaly able to live, praise God and spend time in devotion (as short as they might be)

Being overwhelm I think in a part of motherhod, do you think?

I'm still amazed on how God make life, those little fully dependant babies are in a way like us christian, I like to ponder on our dependance on God comparing our role as parent.

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The Pauls' said...

Yes, life with a new born is very time consuming and having a simple shower can seem like an impossible task. I too used to be and sometimes still am a tense mom. A lot of my tenseness (if that's a word) was due to my own business over things that were unimportant. Even 'good' things outside of my home, in the church, or wherever, made me tense because I had to be at a certain place at a certain time ect. So I had to learn to be careful of my commitments, to understand that at this time in my life I would not be able to 'do it all'. I struggled often with discontentment of not being able to do the things that other ladies wtihout newborns or little ones got to do but God taught me over time that when I had this attitude, I was not seeing my children as the blessing that He had given me. I too am a person prone to headaches when I get tense, and I have had to learn what I could and couldn't handle (as far as commitments) and also to recognize when a headache was coming on and to calm myself, and my emotions. This has helped me a lot, being aware of the tension. Also devotions have been a struggle for me as well. But I have learned that I don't necessarily have to 'sit' to have my time with God, it can be whenever and wherever. Doing dishes, laundry, nursing a baby, having a shower, or whatever. It's a constant communion and fellowship, a continual awareness of His presence. I sometimes post scriptures around the house to remind me of how to be a godly woman. Right now we have scriptures all over our windows that I put on with window markers. Now that may sound a bit tacky, but for me it is a constant reminder of Who I serve. I am not in anyway discouraging sit down devotional time, but the facts are, there are times when that just isn't possible. I used to feel guilty when I didn't get these times, but now I realize that my attitude is what is most important. If I am so frustrated with my kids because I can not get my devotions in, what kind of a Christian am I. Be confident that this is the ministry that God has given you at this time in your life and be encouraged that this is a season and you will have time again to 'shower'!!
And remember to let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

Anonymous said...

The Paul's (whom I don't know) hit the nail on the head -- I couldn't have said it better myself. I can relate totally, Stacey. Just don't let Satan steal your joy because that's what he always tries to do. I'll pray for you.

Aunt Brenda

Mom said...

Well said "the Pauls'".

Do you remember all those little "inspirational" notes I used to stick to the cabinets? I so needed those reminders as I did dishes, etc., to focus on what was important in life, to talk (or sing) to God, to get me through my day. When I remembered, I'd leave my Bible open on the table or counter so that if I had a chance during the day I'd walk by and catch a verse or two. It took until my last baby to figure out that I could use the time that I got up to nurse at night to pray for others...funny that I actually began to look forward to it! You just do what works and don't sweat it when it's not exactly how you think it should be. As was already said, remember to praise Him where you're at right now...recognize and thank Him for the blessings He's given because the seasons of life change so fast and discontentment can become a pattern that we repeat...but it doesn't have to be that way. Remember God is a God of grace and compassion - He knows where we struggle and He cares!!

It's ok to just do the basics - God knows where you're at as well. Take the time that you need to rest now, before baby comes. Try to stop those worrisome thoughts when they come to mind and replace them with thoughts (or songs) of praise..."whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable --if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things"(Phil 4:8), and the beauty of Christ in you will shine brighter. :)

Love you both SO MUCH!!!

Stam House said...

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