Friday, September 28, 2007

Appointment today *Updated*

We got the call yesterday for Bria's VCUG appointment.  We're going today at 1:30.  I thought that was pretty quick that they could get us in already, and now I'm getting nervous about the whole thing.  I just keep wondering how this will work on such a small baby.

A friend from church called me yesterday, which was really nice.  Her daughter has had this test done many times since she was born, so I could ask her my questions.  I just want to get this over with already, so I don't have to wonder if there is something really wrong.

On an entirely different note, I just can't believe how smart my little man is!  He said some terrible cute things this morning.  He came into our room at 7:30 this morning, and he said 'It's morning!"  I asked how he knew taht and he said, "I just lucky!"  WHERE DID HE LEARN THAT??!!  I just laughed and told him that I guess he was lucky!

Then a few minutes later he had the book, "Are You My Mother?" and he was reading it to me in bed.  He got to the page where the little bird comes out of the egg and he told me that he came out of my tummy when he was a baby (not in those words exactly, he's only 2!).  I haven't talked about that since I was pregnant, yet he remembered without any prompting!  He's getting so grown up.

On Sunday we had Bruce & Heather over for a while, and I took a few pictures of Selah, since Heather doesn't have a computer to update her blog at home.  So, here's the little cutie pie!  I just love her blue eyes!

Yesterday Warren & Liane were in Winnipeg for some appointments, and they got some great 3D pictures of Muffin!  Go check it out!

*We just got back from the hospital, and everything went very well!  They had to put a catheter in for this test, and Bria only cried a little bit.  The Doctor said that everything is working normally, and that it looks good, meaning she had no reflux.  So, a huge sigh of relief for me!  Thanks to all of you who may have prayed for us today.  I think I was way more worried about it than I should have been.


Alyssa said...

So CUTE!! Why do kids have to grow up so fast?! Hope everything goes alright with that appointment today...
Miss you all!

Stam House said...

hope everything goes well for the appoitement!
Wow how smart is he!!!! I love are you my mother!!!!

Drea said...

wha? huh? ok i missed something regarding bria!

Shanilie said...

I am so glad that the appointment went well. What a relief and answer to prayer! If I was a baby I would have had to cry too...I had a catheter for a bit when I had my c-section and it kept falling out....not fun...I wanted to cry.

It is amazing how children just soak up info and the things that they say that just stop you in your tracks. They are at their learning peak at this young age. A little sponge.

Stam House said...

Good new yayyyyy! Praise God!!!!!

Andrea said...

I just let out a big sigh of relief with you! I'm so happy that everything went well and looks okay. Is that all the test or whatever they need to do on her now? And it is SOOO cute and funny when they start saying things like Rowan's saying...I love it. They come up with the CUTEST stuff!

Trev & Rebekah said...

It is so nice to have a friend to talk to who can understand your situation.

Dayna said...

hey stacey, i am glad to hear the apt. was ok! also, i just want to say that i love reading your blog and seeing pics of your adorable kids!
much love (all the way from germany)

ps- still waiting on your update with the details about darren and amy's new baby girl!