Saturday, September 08, 2007

In The Garden & At The Park

Yesterday evening we enjoyed a bit of fun as a family.  First Keith and I spent some time picking vegetables (mostly tomatoes) from our garden.  He is a much better photographer than I am, so he had some fun taking pictures as I picked.

Rowan is checking the peppers.

Here is our purple pepper plant.  It did really well, and we've gotten lots of really nice big peppers from it.

Rowan is displaying a bunch of beautiful yellow tomatoes.  This was the first year we planted this variety of tomatoes.  I really like them, but Keith prefers red tomatoes.  Rowan doesn't care, as long as it's a tomato!

Here I am, picking tomatoes from our HUGE Juliet tomato plant.  I'm serious, this thing is like a mutant!  The plant is probably at least eight feet in diameter!  We've already picked at least a hundred tomatoes from it, and we'll get a few hundred more yet!

We planted a row of sunflowers along the back of our our garden, hoping for a little more privacy.  Unfortunately, most of then kind of drooped and didn't get nice full heads.  This one is the nicest one we have.

After claening up, we headed over to the park.  We have a really nice little park just one street over, with a sidewalk that goes from our street right through to the next, itonly takes 2 minutes to walk over!  I know Rowan will have tons of fun there over the next few years!  This is a park that I played at frequently as a kid, although they have put in a totally new play structure since I used to play there.

We started off by the swings.  Rowan loves to go really high!

Rowan is heading up the stairs so he can go down the slide.

Going over the bridge!  Rowan ran really fast, and then did a little jump at the end everytime he went over the bridge.

Here we go!

Race to the bottom!

Renee asked for the link for making baby leg warmers.  Here it is!

Thought I'd let you know that I'll be posting everyday for the next week for sure.  Make s ure you check back.  Now I'm off to try and get some laundry done.  And hopefully clean the bathroom!


Stam House said...

Thanks for the link!!! Wow that a lot of tomatos!!! Mmmm tomatos are so good!!!

Walter & Mel said...

That's MY park!!!! I lived on Willow Drive and had the blessing of the park as my backyard for my entire childhood! What a great place. Do you remember the moutain slide? Or the Mickey Mouse see saw? I love the new play structure they set up since it's much safer than the previous one. How neat that you live close to the park! Rowan will LOVE that as he grows older.

Drea said...

awe thats so weird, you arent pregnant anymore! lol
so its chilly enough to wear hoodies? crazy! its hot here... 90's

Dianna said...

Are U making anything with your tomatoes? I'm making salsa and tomatoe juice and tomatoe sauce

Stacey said...

I remember the slide, but not the see saw. It was so much fun to have a park so close!

Yeah, we are heading into cool fall weather. It's nice to have a relief from the heat though!

Yes, I like to make salsa and pizza/pasta sauce.