Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Movie Night & Blue Jean Teddy

On Sunday night, we were at my parents house watching a movie.  Bruce and Heather were there too.  During the movie, Bruce was holding Bria, and Heather had Selah.  It was so cute to see them all on the love seat together!  The movie was pretty good too.  It was called Facing the Giants.  It was a football movie, but it had a good story line.  It was even 'Christian', which was really nice.  We didn't have to worry about bad language or anything like that.  If you need a good movie to watch, check this one out.

Bria is growing up so quickly!  Yesterday when I was changing her diaper, she was 'talking' to the Blue Jean Teddy characters on her wall!  She has always liked looking at them, and it was so cute to see her trying to communicate with them!  I just left the baby room the exact way it was when Rowan was a baby, so the Blue Jean Teddy stuff was for him.  One of these days I'd like to take it down and put up somehting a bit more feminine!


Stam House said...

Love those picture!!!!
Facing the giants rock!!!! I love that movie!!!!

One think a appreciate about it (yes no bad language etc...) but also that nobody kiss anybody (even the married couple in the movie who are not married in real life)they have no kissing scene.

I always found it weaird when married actor kiss another actor if they are not together!

Michelle said...

Hehehe, i love Bria's spikey hair;) Very cute.
Give her and Rowan a hug for me okay?

Andrea said...

Look at that cute hair! hehe :) I love it!

Walter & Mel said...

Great movie! I think I'd like to watch it again...