Friday, September 14, 2007

My big boy went poo in the potty!!

Yup, that's right, Rowan told my mom that he had to go, and he actually did it!  This is super exciting, as he usually tells us right after he goes in his pants.  He was well rewarded with some money from Grandma, and a cookie too!  I hope he continues this, because it sure was much easier to clean a bum after going on the potty than in the diaper!  Yay for Rowan!

Last night's Praise & Worship went well too.  It was kind of difficult for Keith and I both to be in the music team, because Rowan wasn't listening to my parents very well.  But, he did have tons of fun!  He sat on the stairs of the stage for along time, with his drumsticks, pretending to play the drums.  Then, for the last song, he ran onto the stage, and started playing air guitar on his drumstick!  I couldn't hold back the laughs, and I was hoping that everyone else was just amused, and not upset.

You do have to realize though, that our church family is just that, a family, and we tend to be pretty laid back.  No one is going to be upset if a small child runs up to the stage.  Occasionally there have been children that go up to stand with their mommy who is in the music team.  We look out for one another, and try to be understanding!  That is one of the things that I love the most about our church.  Everyone is friendly and welcoming.  It helps that we are a somewhat smaller church, although there are more and more people each Sunday.  That is a whole other story though!

I was just wondering, for those of you who are babywearers, do you like the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo carrier?  My sister-in-law is considering buying one of these, and I'm curious to know which one is better, or if it is worth the money.  They want something that is more 'manly' for my brother to wear!  Any opinions would be great.

Oh, and congratulations to Darren & Amy on the birth of their new daughter.  So far that's all I know, but I'll fill you in when I hear more news!


Andrea said...

Yay for Rowan!! And...about the baby carriers, I've heard a few people say they didn't really like the Bjorn too much, but I don't know since I've never tried it. However, I do have the Ergo, and it is REALLY REALLY nice! I like it a can do front, back or hip carries, and it's easy to put on and all...and it's actually very comfy too! I think you need to get a newborn insert though if you're planning to use it for newborns...I have only used it for Tate when he was older so I'm not sure how it'd work with newborns either. Anyways, from my experience and from picking between just those two I vote for the Ergo (but if I had more choices I'd probably pick a different one) :) And I'm SOOO excited to hear about Darren and Amy! I guess they won't be having a Tait after all...unles they use it for a girl name....I can't wait to hear more once you find out though! :)

DavenHeather said...

Baby Bjorn - not as great. Ergo - Amazing. I have both if she wants to try and see... I love the ergo. You can buy an infant insert to fit into it until the baby is bigger. I have a bjorn in great shape and would be willing to sell it if she wants.

Anonymous said...

Stacey -- Potty training was one of my least favorite things to do -- we had some disgusting poo issues also (worse than yours), but I won't say who. Seems like ancient history now. Sounds like Rowan is catching on, though so no worries. Way to go, Rowan!

Aunt Brenda

Stam House said...

Yay Rowan is a big boy now!!!!!
I personally love soft carrie like wrap (sling are goodto but sometimes less practicale)

here is a link with all the comparaison so you could comparare all the diffrent carrier

Let us know what you decide on~

Shanilie said...

Wow! That is awesome!That is so exciting. We have been going through similar events over here. Some days he does great then others he couldn't be bothered. The joys of potty training i guess. :) He's growing up *sniff sniff*