Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on Bria's kidneys

We just got a call from our Doctor this evening with the results of Bria's ultrasound.  For those of you who don't know, they noticed something abnormal when I was pregnant, and Bria had an ultrasound to figure out if there really was a problem.  Well, apparantly there is something abnormal.  My doctor said that it looks like there was a second set of kidneys forming, and she has 2 tubes draining each kidney instead of 1.  

So, we go back for another test sometime soon to check if they are draining properly.  Does anyone have any experience with the VCUG test?  I'm a bit nervous about this, because I was totally expecting that there would be nothing wrong, and now there is something wrong.

In other news... Rowan is wearing underwear during the day now, with minimal accidents!  He still wears a diaper for night and naps, but that's not so bad for 26 months old!  He loves his underwear because he thinks he's just like Daddy now!  Hopefully he'll be totally out of diapers soon.

I have found a new addiction.  It's called!  I mostly look, just to see what's out there.  It's crazy how much you can ask for used cloth diapers!  I did find a Thirsties cover though, which I was going to buy anyway.  I only have one cover that fits Bria right now, so I'm kind of desperate to find something that works!  

You may have noticed my last post had pictures of 2 diapers I'm trying to sell.  These are size medium Dream Eze testers that I bought.  They are super nice looking diapers, but they don't fit Bria very well, so I'm getting rid of them.  She only wore one of them long enough to see if it fit.  
They have never been peed in, but I washed them 3 times to 
prep them.  They have a PUL outer layer, and the soaker is 
organic cotton.  I paid $10.50 each, and I'm asking $10 each, 
but I'm including shipping.

Oh yes... the blogger brunch!  It was fantastic!  There were only 8 of us ladies, plus Bria.  Apparantly there was a lot of sick ladies that weekend... but those of us who came had a great time getting to know eachother.  We enjoyed listening to Darlene as she shared a little bit of her story.  For a picture and links to all of our blogs, check out Heather's blog.

Now I must go and relax with my family!  Don't forget... tomorrow the Amy May nursing bracelet winner will be drawn!  Don't miss your chance to enter!


amy said...

That is quite something. We will be keeping Bria and your family in our thoughts and prayers, thanks for the update.

Denyse said...

Hi Stacey,

Jenna and Nathan have both had VCUGs. Nathan was about 7 months when he had his and Jenna was about 20 months. I didn't think the test was too bad. It is over very quickly. If you have more questions, you can talk to me at church or even give me a call.

Andrea said...

Yeah, I was actually kind of thinking along the same lines as you...that there must not be anything too wrong with Bria...but that is kind of scary that something is wrong! I will definitely be thinking of you and praying for you!

Evan and Mel said...

I definitely understand what it feels like to be waiting for test results for your child. Micah is still under going test 2 years later. We will be praying for your family and praying for healing for Bria.

Stam House said...

Willpray for you and your littlte one!!!

Liane said...

I know how it feels when you expect a good result and everything comes crushing down!
Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for Bria!!!

- Liane

Shanilie said...

Wow, I had no idea. I will definitely be praying for Bria...our own little online prayer network :)

Ellen said...

I also will be praying that Bria's results will be positive and that you will have peace about the tests being done! I also loved the previous pics - looks like fun!

Trev & Rebekah said...

Perhaps next time I'll make it to the blogger brunch so I can meet all of you fellow bloggers.