Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally got those pictures & Lil' Sugarplum rave!!

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain...  and we finally got the pictures we wanted!!  They didn't turn out as nice as the ones we have of Rowan, but they're not bad.  The sun wasn't shining quite as 
brightly, but we will NOT be complaining about that, since it actually WAS 
shining!  We took some pics of the kids together too.  So cute!

Another great thing was waiting for me in my mailbox today!!  I ordered a Lil' Sugarplum clip for Bria, and I've been checking the mailbox everyday just wishing it would be there, and today IT WAS!!  YAY!!

This clip is so cute!  My little girl finally has something to contain her crazy wild hair!  It stays in really well too.  That's pretty hard to find.  Baby hair is so fine.  So is mine actually, I should see if she can make some clips for me!  Bobby pins hardly stay in my hair.

I just LOVED the packaging that the clips were sent in too.  A cute little box with a bow!  Thanks so much Lil' Sugarplum!


Andrea said...

Those are cute pictures...and I love the one of Bria with the clip in her hair! :) All this pink clothing and cute clips makes me want to have a little girl too! haha :)

Shanilie said...

WOW! All of those pictures are absolutely beautiful. I just love playing in the leaves and all the beautiful poses. Beautiful kiddos!

Shanilie said...

oh, I forgot to mention that this is my new blog address:

Ellen said...

wow, your kids sure look a lot alike (at similar ages), mine do too :) very cute clips - I will have to get some for Kaelyn, I'm hoping she'll keep her hair :)

Drea said...

i love her bows. elizabeth has some, very cute.
her photos in the tree are precious. i love that coat! i still cant get over how alike her and rowan look!