Thursday, October 11, 2007

More with Less

Lately I've been trying to think of ways that I can simplify 
our life and save money.  I remembered reading in the EMC Messenger that there is a Mennonite cookbook called "More-with-Less".  And then, I remembered that my mom actually has this book!  So I picked it up from her house and started reading.  This book is really educational and contains far more than just recipes.  It has so many tips on nutrition.  The Mennonite people have long been known for their frugality and giving.  Though I have a Mennonite herritage, I do not attend a Mennonite church.  I have learned so much from family and friends though, and I realize that I tend to think quite differntly from most of the World.

I will not be the one with the new cell phone, or the nicest clothes.  I'm not going to buy into the latest trends, unless it is something that I can see has long-term benefits or will save my time or money.  I don't need sattelite TV, because let's face it, as a Christian I don't need more garbage to watch than what I can get through my 5 channels of 'farmer vision'!

We are always paying so much  more for convenience.  We buy things in cans and boxes instead of making it ourselves.  This fills the earth with more garbage, empties our wallets faster, and is much less healthy than the whole, fresh foods we could be eating (if only we took the time).  My challenge to you is to go through your home and see how many things you have that are 'convenience' or even just selfish purchases.  We don't have to be frugal to the extreme, but remember that God has given us plenty so we can share out of our abundance.  Not so we can indulge ourselves with everything we ever wanted.


thomasscholllmt said...

Check out the book. Living Well on Near Nothing.
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Stacey said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your site.

Andrea said...

I agree with every word of your post...yep, every one! haha...and like you I am a Mennonite, but don't go to a Mennonite church...but Jonathan still bugs me that my Mennonitishness makes me cheap...BUT I have rubbed off on him, and now he is cheap too! hahahaha! :)

Jobina said...

Mark and I were talking about financial issues and realized that we think differently about money, when we are in a budget crunch I like to think of ways we can cut out, pare down, etc (my own Menno-ness). Mark's always thinking of a way to bring in a few extra dollars. Together, we make it work! Let us know what helps you cut your budget...share the wisdom!!

thomasscholllmt said...

Congradulation on the new baby. Thanks for visiting As I said I am happily adding you to our blogroll called Brenda's Friends.

sheila said...

Thanks for the reminder. It's all too easy to do the "convenience" thing! Ken has reminded me on one too many occasions that spending money on store bought cookies and such is a big waste of money. I need to get back to the basics and start baking again!
Here's to being frugal!